Monday, March 2, 2009


This week too, is a very busy one for us. My sister and her family are here visiting us so we have a FULL house. I think I have everything put away from our cruise...boy I wish I was still on it. They treated us like royalty and it wasn't TOO hard to get used to that life style. Everyone was so wonderful that worked on the ship. The only two issues that I would comment about is the elevators....ALL these able bodied people taking the elevators instead of doing the stairs which alot of times made us wait 2,3 and even 4 times for an available one. I was too the point where I was going to start kicking people off, LOL. They really should have some of the elevators strictly for people with a disability. The other one is the pool....I can't believe how small the pool was for a Disney cruise. At times the kids were jumping on top of each other cause it was so small, but they all had fun. I even got Danny in the pool once when we were at port, so everyone was off the ship. We had it all to our self.
My pool buddies!
He LOVED it!
No one around and the music playing....she was dancing her heart out!The pool was Mickey Mouse and the lil pools were his ears....then a HUGE slide that was over two stories high. She got her hair braided!Well off for some entertaining with my sister's family. It is pretty chilly here yesterday and then next 2 days so we are going to do some shopping, heehee. Dan is leaving back for Wisconsin tomorrow so it will be a very sad day here as we won't see him for 2 months, sigh. We also have Danny's IEP tomorrow....double YUCK! I will try and post's a very busy place here!

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