Friday, March 13, 2009


Danny is about the real changes, at least for the better. He is tugging alil more with breathing, and the xrays are about the same, so we are going to be here for awhile. They are going to start putting him on his bipap during the day to help him breath alil easier.
Danny got another visit from a dog today...this one was dressed up as a leprechaun. Danny really loves their visits. He even smiled at the dog today. Yesterday Danny even got into one of his laughing fits again. It scares the hell out of me at first as it sounds like he is crying..then you see the smile and the laughter. It's awesome, seizure or not!
Ms Becky (Danny's PT) is coming to the hosptial again today to relieve me. THANKS Ms. Becky! I am going to run home to get some things and hang out with Avrianna for awhile. If she isn't too busy, heehee. She is having a good time with her great grandparents (I think they are going to need a week long nap after keeping up with her for awhile) as they are keeping her busy with games, swimming, and they let her have ice cream alot. She is going to want to stay with them, LOL. Avrianna does have issues at night, but that is to be expected. I know some kiddos are going to be around our community this week, visiting their grandparents, so she should have a blast playing with them. I hope!
I will post more when the doctors come in and tell me what's what.
The Web Well Wishes are great, thanks guys! In one day we got a dozen and they keep on coming. I read them to him and then post them on his wall. Everyone is commenting on his cards, you guys rock!Here is the link to the Web Well Wishes: you can fill out this form with (Danny Osero room#2907 and at the Children's Hospital of SW Florida) and alil note or well wish from yourself and they print it out downstairs and deliver it to his room. So if interested in sending Danny something send him a well wish. They are pretty cool.

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