Friday, March 6, 2009

No Oxygen!

Last night was the first Good night in a week. Danny didn't require any oxygen to keep his stats up, YAHOO!!! Just wanted to let you all know. I can only hope he continues this. His right ear started draining again too, this is a good thing, so now all the bad stuff can drain out instead of clogging his ear.
This is my sisters last day here, so everyone is alil sad. They are going to leave some time this afternoon so they hit Atlanta, GA in the late evening. Traffic there SUCKS! I am going to take the kids to the pool this morning. Brenda and Ryan went to the beach for one last breath of ocean air and some peace and quiet. Heehee
One note: this is for our dinner neighbors on the ship Maureen, Alexis, and Mark......the email address I have doesn't work for you guys. We have some pictures for you that Avrianna thought you might like. Send me an email so I can get them to you....
Another Note: I added another inspriational story to the left...Meet Nick, please check it out, what an awesome man.

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