Thursday, March 12, 2009


The doctors just came in and this mornings xrays do show both lower lobes having significant white matter. So they are now treating him having pneumonia and they think possibly his lower lobes have collapsed alil. Now the needing of higher levels of Oxygen make more sense. Danny has increased his temp now ...he is about 99 which is a great improvement from the 93 when we got here. His face is very flushed and he is still struggling to take a breath, but he isn't as wet/junky today. I haven't had to suction him as much. They are doing breathing treatments, Mr Jiggles, steroids, antibiotics, and lasix (to help get rid of the excess fluid) all day long in hopes to help him out. About 2 this afternoon they are going to repeat labs. They called in a Pulm doctor to look at Danny while we are in now he will have one down here that will follow Danny, That's GREAT! So the plan is to continue with the treatments, get the Pulm docs opinion, take a look at tomorrows xrays and then get the real "PLAN." Looks like we will be here till at least tomorrow night, sigh! I'm glad I have my computer to have touch to the outside world. I can not update or get to my facebook page so for those of you that follow won't have any activity till we get home. I talked with Avrianna this morning and she is having alot of fun with grandma and grandpa so she decided to stay with them and go swimming 'n stuff, other then coming here to watch some tv, figures. I am glad she isn't having a rough time with this .... at least it makes the stay more bearable. Plus the staff here is WONDERFUL with him. THANKS !!

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Meghan said...

Poor little guy! I hope he gets better soon. At least you have a good hospital and you don't have to worry (much) about Avrianna.