Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good NEWS!

Look ~ nothing in my nose!!!Danny is off the oxygen and on room air. His stats are about 95 so he is doing well. The xrays from this morning are "MUCH BETTER", from the mouth of the doctors. They are decreasing his breathing treatments to every 4 hours instead of every 3. They are taking him off Zithromax (one of the antibiotics) and decreasing his steroids amount. We have had to change 4 exceptionally watery dirty diapers already this morning so they are going to culture it for C Diff. "Told you so!" This also the reason taking him off the Zithromax...this can cause diarrhea. They are going to do some more labs because of him loosing ALOT of fluid, with the watery diarrhea, they want to make sure his electrolytes are in check....if not he has more intense seizures. So with that being said:
"The Plan" is....
1. See how his stool cultures come back
2. See how his electrolytes are
3. See how he does with the decrease of breathing treatments
4. See how he does with being off Oxygen.
If he is stays stable the next 24 hours we can talk about going .........I'm not at liberty to say or type the word, as we all know when I do Danny will take the wind out of my sails, LOL. So keep your fingers crossed. We gave Danny a bath this morning, changed his bedding, and got him up in his wheelchair for awhile, until he started filling his pants, yuck! We are chill'n out watching Cars right now and he is a happy boy....see, this picture is for you Nanny, now stop worrying! He looks great and even a SMILE. Doesn't that just make your day

Danny and I got a visit this morning from Shauna...another friend from Kidspirit. Not only are they AWESOME therapist...they've become GREAT friends....THANKS GUYS ~ You are the best! Friends like you guys are hard to find! When Shauna was here I was able to take a shower, it's amazing what some water and soap will do to your attitude, lol. Then I ran downstairs for a Chai Tea Latte and a's the simple things in life, right? Thanks again you guys! Danny loved having both Becky and Shauna here too, he's alil FLIRT. I will post tonight on how today went. Thanks for following our journey!

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