Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bad nite....Better morning

Last night was a long haul, but I'm glad we were at home and not in a hospital. Danny held his own till about midnight, on the bipap, when I needed to bleed in Oxygen. From midnight till about 3 I had to increase the amount of O2 to keep his stats above 90.....I stopped increasing O2 when we got to 4 lt. WOW ~ That's alot of O2! This morning he looks better and is breathing better, but still wheezy in his lungs. He is currently holding his own (awake) without a bipap or O2 and is around 93 for his stats. So not too bad. I took Danny into see the Doctor this morning and she was very impressed that we dodged the admission into the hospital yesterday. We are going to continue Mr Jiggles more and we are adding another inhaler (so he will be on Albuterol and Flovent). We have another appt next week to see the doctor and at that time she is going to irrigate BOTH his ears. They are still full of puss, yuck. She felt like leaving him alone today as he has been through alot in the last 24 hours. Thanks again for checking in on us! You're support means alot!
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Meghan said...

I hope Danny continues to improve and you can avoid a hospital stay. Hospitals SUCK plus he doesn't need exposure to more germs...
At least you don't have to deal with the cold too! Although we're supposed to see 45 degrees by Friday - it's a heat wave!