Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jinxed myself

Ok I said it and now I'm paying the price!!!!!! UGH!!!! I am going to pull my hair out I swear. Well at 9:15pm this evening Danny had a Grand Mall seizure that last about 30 minutes. We needed to give him the rescue med diastat so he would come out of it and start to come around. He got as stiff as a board, filled his pants, his heart rate raced to 210, respiratory rate jumped to 60 rpm, and his face was as red as a Fire Truck. So another trick he's pulled out of his bag .......unfortunately or fortunately it happen here at the hospital......All on how you look at. Not sure what that means for tomorrow's discharge. Avrianna is going to be pissed if we have to stay! As long as that seizure was it tonight and we have no more "excitement" here I can't see them keeping us for a seizure though. I will keep you posted on what's up!

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Meghan said...

Oh, that sucks! I hope Danny is doing better now. I bet you're climbing the walls and both of you need to get out of there.

Here's wishing for an uneventful night and walking papers tomorrow!