Friday, March 20, 2009

Fun Times

Another GREAT day here at The Osero's! Avrianna slept in, finished her school work (without causing me grief), and played in the pool with her friend. Danny and I even managed to get out by the pool for alil over an hour. It was so nice, we didn't go in, just enjoyed the sunshine. Avrianna's friends family are leaving in two days so I know emotions will run high. Those two girls are so sweet together. Makes me want to get this adoption stuff done and over with quicker when I see her interacting so well with other girls. She really needs a sister to hang out with, play with, and fight with.
They live in St Louis .... we are thinking of taking a trip there maybe this summer, so now we have another family we can visit. I would love to meet one of the kiddos that I follow (Mattman) and he lives in that area too...what a blast it would be to hang out and meet him in person. He and his family have touched my heart, they ROCK! I've heard St Louis has an awesome Zoo so we'll have to check that out too.
Danny didn't require ANY oxygen last night, was off ALL his machines ALL day again today, and hasn't (as of now) needed oxygen tonight. YAHOO!!!!! I can honestly say I think the bug has past. Yesterday afternoon is like a switch turned on and now he is back to the same old Danny. I am so overjoyed but still hesitant as I know how fast things can change.
I was telling the teacher and OT today when they were out for therapy about Danny's amazing strides yesterday. I had shown them the pictures of him holding his head high and proud and told them about his way of raising his hand as if to answer yes to questions. They too started to see him raise his arm to answer questions....this is all a dream for me, it's like I'm a hopeful mom and it's really not happening. Does that make any sense? But they reassured me that they thought indeed there is something there. I will be monitoring it closer and keeping track of his results for awhile. This is just so exciting! Boy did he get tired today during therapy....or overwhelmed, not sure which, but you could see it in his eyes. He had enough of us fussing over him. He was DONE! I am so proud of him, he's trying so hard, that's my boy. Avrianna too is very excited about our newest trial with Danny she can't wait to start ....oh boy watch out Danny I think we have a therapist in training, lol. She really gets into this.
Tonight I had my grandparents and neighbor over for Chinese and a game of dominoes afterwards. It was a great time and I'm still stuffed from all the food I ate. I can't believe I have so much left grandfather said I'm not allowed to order any longer, as we're not feeding an army, lol. Avrianna went out to eat with her friend and then out for ice cream. Unfortunately I got a phone call with her crying on the other end around 8pm. I guess the keys got locked in the car so they were locked out and she freaked. I'm not sure what the whole issue was but she missed me and she didn't think she was going to be able to get back home. I tried to reassure her that it would be ok (I mean how cool is that locked out at an ice cream store...I totally would have taken advantage of that opportunity,lol) but it was already 8pm, she played hard all day, and she was nothing was getting through to her. A few minutes later I get a call again from the family stating that she is really having a rough time and won't stop crying..."Can you pick her up?" What am I going to say, NO.....NOT. I luckily had my grandparents still over so they watched Danny and the neighbor and I hopped in the van to go pick her up....she was about 15-20 minutes away. I get about 2 miles before I was to get there and they call me...."We got the van unlocked so turn around we are on our way home." Are you kidding me? I had to have someone watch my son, drive for 30+ minutes for you to tell me to turn around? Whatever~ I was pissed! It wouldn't be so bad but the last time they had her (when I was in the hospital with Danny and my grandparents were watching her) they were suppose to have her home by 9....well they didn't get her home till after 10! It's the lack of common sense thing and respect that is driving me NUTS. Again cuz I sit at home with my kids I MUST NOT have anything to do. Ok don't ranting about that! Once she was home all was good! Still made out for a good day.
Blog family ~ Please keep another one of the kiddos that I follow in your thoughts as today she had to have an emergency intubation and has been fighting an infection for weeks now. She is having a really hard time right now and the family is too. Stop by and send them encouraging kind words through this very difficult time.

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