Monday, September 7, 2015

School, Bristol, Labor Day, and MORE

Check out this amazing beautiful young lady ...... She's fantastic!  We got the proof our her montage done with the professional photos done during Nationals.  WOW!!
School has begun!  First week is in the books for 8th grade.  
First day of school !
This year they got a ID card :)  The photo on the card is her school pic this year
Check this out....last day of 2nd grade to first day of 8th.  WOW ~ where did my little girl go?!?

Even though Danny doesn't go to school ..... he doesn't get out of having his photo taken by MOM

Bristol Trip ~
Dan and I took our trip to Bristol TN to go to the race track and watch the race under the lights.  One of things on Dan's bucket list, so the kids and I got him the tickets for his Father's Day/Birthday present this year.  It was just Dan and I as we had care arranged for the kids over the weekend.  
Here's our adventure ~
Before we even got out of WI we stopped at a Newmar dealer close the the IL/WI boarder to check out what new things they had that might suit us better.  While there the salesman stated it was a nice tour of the factory where they are built in Indiana, so we detoured out trip and stopped at the factory Friday morning to check it out.  We are definitely glad we went, it was pretty cool to see all the things that they do.  Unfortunately we couldn't take any photos or videos as they build their RV's once they are ordered (no stock models on hand).

It was back on the road again after the tour.  It was, as always an interesting trip on the road.  You never know what you'll run into or see.

I knew we were going to be getting to the campgrounds later due to the RV tour detour we took, so I called ahead of time to make sure they were going to be open or if we needed to find a rest stop overnite and then head there in the morning.  The reply I got was "Honey, we are open 24 hours a day".  GREAT!!!  Well they failed to tell me they shut down all the left hand turns and the entrances to the campgrounds when the Friday nite race was over with to direct traffic.  Seeing we've never been there I didn't know the lay of the land and yeap we got stuck in race ending traffic and we were driving around for MILES to figure out how to get turned around and find a place to stay for a few hours until the traffic slowed down and the entrances were open once again.  IT WAS CRAZY, we were tired, cranky, and lets just say the beginning of our Bristol trip was alil aggravating.  BUT once at the campgrounds where we could relax, have a cold beer, and rest....we could enjoy Saturday the day of the NASCAR Bristol race!

We Made IT!!!  Well kinda ~ driving around the grounds until we could get in.
Our gift from the track/campgrounds along with a goodie bag of coupons, maps, and information

Camping at Bristol at the Landing Campgrounds ~

 Campground views ~ I've never seen SO MANY campers in one place, it was AMAZING!!  Camping on grounds is the ONLY way to go :)

Great transportation system within the grounds!

 Woot Woot! 


 Cooling off from some serious hot shopping

Heading to the track for the nite race .......Black out in Bristol baby!!

The dragstrip ~ Dan's in Heaven!!
 Cool how they have an elevator to the grandstands

 Campers on the dragstrip
 Overlooking all the shops/vendors on the hill to the race track

The Track!
Our Tickets!
Our section!! Allison Grandstan section J on the frontstretch
Our View !!
 Some visitors while we waited the for shows and race to begin

 Main show was Steven Tyler singing, marching bands and then these guys :)

Let's not forget these guys.......very cool!!
2 Parachutes 
and the jets

 43 Black Pick up trucks to pick up each driver and drive them around the track during the driver introductions
 I tired to get one of these for hours, but each time I went down there they has ran out of lemonade :(  Now to find me one

First lap!  It was  ALOT LOUDER then I had thought....Dan and I couldn't even hear each other  while sitting right next to each other while yelling.

 #22 Joey Logano WINS!!!!

Early AM leaving's going to be a LONG trip back ~ ready, set, go!!

Beautiful views........

Until next time Bristol!!

Labor Day weekend was HOT!!  We had a great time having my niece over.  It's always nice to have little feet running around the house again.  We went on the boat Saturday tubing....and even got Dan on a tube, can you believe that?!?  I have proof ~ LOL
Tomorrow marks 14yrs for Dan and I.   
 It definitely wasn't an easy road, but I'm so proud of where we've come!!
Fun project I did with Salt Dough with Danny :)  Turned out pretty cute!!
Dan got the race car started last night.  He is planning on taking it to the track a few times yet this year so he can figure out what needs to be done to get back in the swing of things for next racing season.

I'm doing well!!  Still on my Nutritional cleanse program and have even started up my T25 (intense 25min workout dvd) back up.  I'm feeling AND looking better then ever!!
Want to know more just ask and I can help you out ~  pics from 1 year ago to NOW

I hope this finds you well!  Thanks for following us