Friday, October 13, 2017

It's me NOT You ~ Sorry

Broken or lost relationships are disappointing, sad, and unfortunately a given in life.  We parted ways with another nurse recently and knowing the sadness and disappointment that I FEEL when a nurse leaves,  I can't help but sit back and wonder how does Danny feel.
Does he miss his friend? 
He is sad they left? 
Does he know they are gone? 
He has a very close trusting relationship with "his girls" and then ...... they are gone.  My heart breaks knowing his best friends no longer come around. All the love and support he had with these people just walks out the door, leave him, and most never look back.  I get it....this isn't an easy life style to be in, life happens, and priorities change.  BUT to see my son lose his "Friends" my heart cries for him.  I look at the amount of nurses we've had through the years (18 just nurses in the last 8 years, now add in the therapist and physicians) and it hits me like a ton of bricks.  I throw these strangers at him, he learns to trust and love them, and then POOF they are gone.  They are with him and caring for him and teaching him every day....I just don't understand how easy it is to turn away from it all.
My heart is broken for my sweet boy and his losses, hasn't he been through enough already, isn't his life hard enough. Then add on the loss of the people he trusted and came to love.   I'm angry I have to be put in this spot of needing help and setting him up for more heart ache .....I know I can't do it on my own, but I don't want to set him up for more heart ache and loss. 
Does he think it's something he did?
 I've been talking a lot to him the last few days that he is perfect and it's not his fault......moral of the story is
"It's me buddy, not you ~ so sorry"

Friday, October 6, 2017

We managed to get out on the boat one last time.  Mother nature turned up her thermostat and we had a 90 degree day, thankfully it was a weekend so we could enjoy it.
And today we are putting the boat away in storage :~ Good bye boating weather :(

Last weekend was a whirlwind of events ~ I think I'm still trying to recover, LOL

Wednesday evening Danny, myself and Ms. Emma went to UWO to be a guest speaker to the students in the nursing program.  We talked about Home Health Care/Private duty Nursing and the lack of help there is in the local area (well every where, to be honest). The students were very kind and appreciated us coming to talk with them, I hope I swayed some of them to look into Home Care for their occupation.  We could really use their help....I know many families in the area looking/ NEEDING nursing coverage, including ourselves.  Lately our schedule has had many shifts that need coverage and after November we will have even less nursing coverage.  So as it looks now, Danny is going to be stuck with me more....Poor Kid!
Danny's at college!!

Thursday we got to go to LAMBEAU and watch the Packers play football against our biggest rival the Bears.  What a game for sure!  
 Great seats and the weather for the first part of the game was just PERFECT!
 A storm went through and boy did it cool off.
 Av had a great time and she really enjoyed the high energy atmosphere sitting in the stands
 Then the storm hit.....causing a delay in game due to the lightening.  We had to take cover in the corridor
 Needless to say it was wall to wall we were stuck up again the concrete wall,, but with the rain and the high winds during the storm having a buffer of people between us helped
 YAY ~ THE PACKERS WON! We decided to leave when the 4th quarter started seeing they put in the second string players because the Packers were so ahead of the Bears in the score. Plus It was so nice not having to deal with hours of being stuck in traffic.  Despite us leaving early my head still didn't hit the pillow till after midnight.   Fun times were had be ALL!

Then on Friday
Thankfully there was no school due to a teacher education day we were able to have a low key morning.  We were off to Middleton (Madison area about 2 hrs away) for a Dive invite. We left about 1pm and we didn't get home till about 11:30pm.....Can't say I'm a fan of evening far away dive meets.

I was excited to finally go to the "Hurts Donut" shop which is in Middleton....OMG so delicious!!  
Even Jaden came along to cheer her on
 Despite Av having a real off meet she still managed to place 1st out of 23 girls.
Neenah Dive Team and Coach Tim

 Continuing the Chaos on Saturday ~
Av had to be up early and to school by 5:45am to go to a dive meet in Bay Port (North of us about 45 minutes)
 Still smiling!
 Av placed 1st and her team mate Bailey placed 2nd at this meet!
 We meet up with some of the divers up there and went to a local diner for Brunch.

After we ate we loaded up in the car and hurried home so Av could get ready, as Homecoming was Saturday nite.  Here are just some of the pictures (I believe we took well over 200 photos)......They are such a cute couple and they compliment each other well in all aspects of their relationship!  I cant decide which photos are my favorites as they are ALL SO AWESOME!  But with these two it isn't too difficult to get amazing photos.  It also helps when his mom knows photography!!
Jaden asked Av to homecoming on HIS birthday (aka my birthday too, how cool is that)

I mean seriously.....LOOK AT THESE!! 
 UM Wait a that my "lil"girl?!?
 The way they look at each other ~ makes my heart melt
 These two are REALLY "Two peas in a pod" ~ it's scary how alike they are
These photo right here......they do a momma's heart proud
 There are Two things with this photo ~
1. The way Danny deliberately turned to his NON dominant side to LOOK at Jaden.  As if to give him that Brotherly look about his sister going out with him.
2.  I still tear up as I write this, Happy tears! Not only for my coming from Danny's mom, but for Av and her new chapter in her life.  She found a "good one"!  Now look at this photo ~ do you see it?  SO small that the naked eye of a typical parent would NOT catch it.
First not only did he get down to Danny's level, but he leaned in, his smile is sincere and comfortable, most will not understand this but HE IS TOUCHING Danny.  OMG, something so small BUT it resonates volumes.  Not many embrace or feel comfortable with Danny and our lifestyle.  Jaden you are a Good Man!!  Not only do you care for Av deeply (I can see that), but the way you handle yourself with Danny sweet.

So with all of that craziness you would have thought we were going to be low key on Sunday.... Yeah Right!  I got caught up on multiple loads of laundry, stripped bedding, loaded up a truck load of firewood, picked 10 gallons of tomatoes and canned 11 quarts of tomato juice.  My cupboards are FULL of tomato juice and pasta sauce now, but we have about 10 gallons left of tomatoes to be picked and processed from the garden yet
Dan also found some time last week to start the process of harvesting, making, and freezing some of our acorn squash

We've decided this year we are going to spend Christmas somewhere warm.  I've booked a RV campsite about 1 mile from Fort Myers Beach in FL.  It's also in the same area the we had our condo, so I'm excited to meet up with some friends there and hit the places I miss going to.  The last time we went to a warm winter holiday vacation we went to Dallas, TX and it snowed.  Lets hope this time we will be enjoying warm sandy beaches and not wearing winter coats. Christmas isn't what it used to be, like when I was growing up....with mine and Dan's family dynamics now being so distant and Danny getting bigger and harder to get into inaccessible places it's has become more of a sad holiday for us....I hope that taking this time to focus on US and being together making memories will be a joyous time, which might be our new tradition.  I'm really excited!!  I even got our Christmas cards done yesterday, yay me.  Watch out Fort Myers....the Oseros' are coming back.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Bring on Fall

I'm not sure who got Mother Nature all in a tizzy lately but WOW !  I have say I am welcoming the unusual higher temps the last few days around here, as the unwelcome chilly wet weather has hung out here for too long.  The tree are starting to change already,  but I guess when we really didn't have much of a summer it's no surprise.  Prayers go out to all involved with Hurricane Harvey n Irma and the fires out west.  I can't even imagine what they are having to go through.  My hope is to try and look to adopt a medium size female dog from one of the hurricane hit areas as the dog "bella" we had planned on adopting from the local shelter didn't work out.  Once she had her spay done and we were able to have our dogs meet with her, she was NOT a fan of the first meet with Gunner.  With the aggression she showed towards him we didn't even have her meet the other two.  We were very sad and disappointed, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.  Maybe there is a better fit out there for us ~Time will tell.

Here is Av's photo montage we had done for Nationals this summer.....WOW~ IT'S Stunning!
Av has hit her Sophomore dive season on a positive note....Her first meet at the Neenah Pool and she had come less than 7 points away from breaking the school pool record already...that girl has skills. She's dove in 4 different meets already and has come in 1st in all of them and she currently is holding the highest diving score for all of the Wisconsin girls.  The next meet is on Tuesday the 19th and it's at the Neenah pool once again so we'll see if she can pull it off and beat the record at this next meet.  There are not many home meets this year so she has limited meets to get her name on the record board.
Last nite Channel 5 came to practice and interviewed Av for one of their sports stories, it will air on Saturday 16th at 10:30-45pm.  We are excited and honored they are doing a story on her and I can't wait to see it! I will be sure to record it and share.
Danny loves going to watch her much noise as the girls get pretty LOUD
Isn't she wonderful?!

Av continues to be BUSY BUSY BUSY with school, sports, and her social life.  To be young again! Not much knocks this girls down as after her before school 5;45am dive practice I picked her up and she was at the doctors/hospital most of the day yesterday trying to figure out if her appendix needed to come out.  
She still smiles after labs and IV's
Once we got the all clear her appendix can stay her first comments were to get her back to school for the last 1.5hr so she can go to afternoon practice.  Boy she never gives UP!! 
 Av also has been going to most of the football games this year, it's nice her boyfriend drives and can help get her here n there as with only having nursing for Danny till 8pm many evening activities could be alil tricky.  Jaden is very sweet and they sure make a cute if only I could get a photo of them together to share with you...stay tuned...challenge is on!  He has an amazing birth date as it's the same as mine, Sept 18th, at least I won't forget it!
Sept 8th Dan and I had our 16 yr Anniversary ~ WOW 16 YEARS!! In good times and in bad we have stuck it through.  
September is our month as it's our anniversary and both Dan and my's birthdays.  LET'S PARTY!

 Lil Man consumes ME!  He doesn't quite fit on my lap anymore .... BUT we make it work.  He is doing so well that I'm scared to brag about it.  He is scheduled to go for surgery mid October so I hope he continues to be well and rocks this surgery.  He is having a "minor" surgery with ENT to have his ears cleaned and a bronc to check is airway in addition to  having some dental work done too.  This should be a day surgery which also is very rare for him to go home same day. I had to look back to see when the last time he was in the hospital and much to my surprise ... it's been over 1.5 yrs ~ that's UNHEARD OF!  As Danny typically would be in the hospital 4 times a year.  THIS IS AWESOME!!  I am now more anxious about the surgery as surgery isn't as typical as it was in the past and I don't want to rock the boat.  Danny doesn't need any set backs!!  
 This handsome young man is still looking for a RN to come and play with him a few hours a week.  I'm finding more and more "holes" in our schedule.  So if you are looking for or know someone that would be looking for a shift or two a week have them contact ME!
 A boy and his dalmatian!!

I had an appt with my Neurologist this week  and I'm doing pretty well.  Some things have improved or stabilized and others are giving me alil grief like some weakness, pain, and vision issues ~ but nothing bad enough to try to intervene yet . Unfortunately it is the nature of this disease but I'm doing pretty good for the most part and trying not to let it get me down.  Just keep swimming!!  I did have a nasty fall the other day while hydroplaning on Danny's spilled formula on the hard wood floor and I have to say that was an ego breaker, but I got up and brushed it off.  
Thanks for stopping by to check on us!!