Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall Fun

Yes the puppies dressed up too :)  Sully was a great sport and the hat didn't bother him at all
Now Gunner wanted nothing to do with his hat on and was trying to get it off 

 Ms Bailey had her hat too :(
 Happy Cow
 A cow, A pig, and A farmer come knocking on your door......... TRICK OR TREAT!
 Ms Pretzel came over the visit Danny!!  Are they not the cutest "Things" you ever did see?

 Danny got to hang out with Ms Keren this year for Halloween
 Pretzel n Danny through the years:)
 Even though the trick r treaters had all gone home....this crazy "thing" was still ready to party
 A couple days before Halloween Danny had to go see Dr K due to being under the weather.  So we decided to dress him up seeing he wasn't going to be going out trick r treating.  Danny and his Bestest Pediatrician EVER!!  I had to smile when Dr K walked in the room and asked if he could take a selfie with Danny.  Have I told you how amazing Dr K is?

 Pumpkin carving time!!!
 Av says I'm so mean to do this to Danny, lol.  Sorry bud but you get to have some pumpkin overload too.
 Emoji themed pumpkins this year :)

Even when ill!!!  It just warms my heart to see Danny more alert and smiling lately.
Unfortunately Danny has another bout of C Diff.  I believe this makes the 6th time this year, ugh!!  Despite his numbers with labs and such he really should be miserable, but you wouldn't know it.  On top of all the gut issues he also is dealing with some bacteria in his trache.  Next year I should just dress him up as a petri dish for Halloween, lol.  

I've been working on my family tree down stairs and it's turning out great!  Just a few more photos to get yet and it will be completed.  A big thanks to everyone that helped me get the photos and information I had been looking for.

November 1 was Av's first dive meet of the new season, but the last meet where she will be diving for the 12-13 girls age group.  She had a great meet, but that didn't come without some serious anxiety as the last dive of the meet was making her VERY nervous which brought her to tears (well the smack didn't help either) .  Here is a slideshow of her meet at Schroeder in Brown Deer WI.

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Dan has been going up north more now that fall is here.  To get things ready for the 2015 Hunt.  Av is gearing up to bag the BIG BUCK before her dad does.  Well have to see who get the bigger deer this year.  It's now official the retail building has 2 tenants "The Flower Studio" and "Little Caesars".  The last spot has had a bunch of inquiries so we'll see what will reside in there....right now an Asian Tai restaurant is working diligently with us to see if that spot is suitable for there needs.

On Wednesday the 4th I was able to pick up Ms Bailey's remains and her paw print.  I'm so happy she is back home with us again.  It still hurts that she's gone, but I'm proud to know she is watching over us above.
I copied her paw...possibly a new tattoo??  I think so

Av and I worked the chili supper at our church earlier this week.
She was the hot dog server :)
Check out this progress....last years chili supper to this years.... I'm a lifer with this Nutritional program I'm on.  Loving the results!!
Unfortunately my MRI I just had still shows that MS is raging on with in.  More n more spots on my brain and spine.  Thankfully I feel great so I'm not going to let it get to me too much.  I will be seeing my Neurologist next week to get the official results and see if there is anything more I can do
Last night we had photos taken for our churches directory.  Check out this handsome young man?  Here's a preview ... you'll have to wait till the photos as I didn't get photos of everyone.
Man how luck am I ..... he's mine.  So flippin handsome

We were luck and Danny smiled and was alert for one of the photos with Av....I can't wait to get it to show you.

Yesterday was our newest nurse Emily's official first day!  I can't say how excited I am that she with our team.  She is amazing with Danny and we just love her already!!

Thanks for stopping by to check up on us.  I hope this finds you well!!

Happy Birthday Avrianna

 Where did the 13 years go?  Look how far you've come!  October 24 2002 had to be one of the scariest days of my life up to that point as 8 weeks before your due date my water broke and You came into this world on YOUR terms and fought to thrive. You are an amazing, caring, smart, compassionate, beautiful young lady and I am so proud of you!!  

 We had our traditional family bday party the day before at Luigi's Pizza for a football Luigi's special.  Of course Av won't eat pizza with all the yummy fixings on it so we got a Large sausage in addition to this HUGE pizza.
 13 Balloons
 Of course we had to do some bday shopping for boots that she wanted.  Dan picked up 13 gorgeous roses for her
 The morning and afternoon of her bday Av and I worked the Girls Dive Invite at Neenah High School

Then around 4 the friends showed up to the house and we had ourselves a party :)
The Gross Sensory bags.....they could only put their hands in to try and figure out what was really in  the bags.
Scabs=bacon bits, Snot=applesauce, Brain=sponge soaked in oil, Puppy tongues=dried apricots, Mystery=fake big tarantula, Worms=spaghetti noodles in oil, Cockroaches=popcorn, Fish eyes=Orbeez, Ears=thin dried out sliced of apple, Maggots n bugs=minute rice and raisins in oil, Diarrhea= mushed bananas (my personal favorite as I mushed them the day before and they turned brown, ha even better!)
We played minute to win it games.
Nose Dive ~  Take a pom or a cotton ball tie it to a string, put a dab of Vaseline on their noses and with flipping the string from you mouth not using your hands try to get the pom stuck to your nose
I think it was more entertaining for me to watch them.  LOL

 Separation Anxiety ~ take M & M's in a pile and sucking them up to the end of the straw drop them in the same color candy cups
 Get the cookie ~ place an Oreo on your forehead and without using your hands get the cookie in your mouth

 Weirdly enough this is NOT Av's favorite thing to do at her parties....she'd rather not open gifts and just play.  She says she feels weird about getting gifts.

 This years "theme" was Neon glow in the dark so I got my creativeness out and made tie dye cupcakes n cake.  
Thankfully she didn't request some crazy decorating as the tie dying was tricky enough :)  Even more awkward for her is when we sing Happy Birthday :)  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy BIRTHDAY Avrianna, Happy Birthday to you
 Stick people fun ~ Lights on
 Lights off
 You know it was a good time when the garbage can looks like this at the end of the night.  You'd think they would have left it all on while playing night games outside, but I guess then they would be easy to find.
We ended up having 3 of the girls sleeping over that evening and then it was up early to get ready to head over to church and put to help with the get together for the kids that were confirmed this year.  It was quite the busy weekend but it went well :)