Monday, July 18, 2016

Going with the Flow

Av's club diving season was cut short and she didn't compete at Zones in Missouri, as she chipped/fractured her foot jumping out of a boat at a sand bar.  Who fractures a foot in kid!!  Well at least she didn't dive in.  She is walking around in a walking boot for a few weeks and we hope she will be able to start her freshman high school season when practice starts Aug 9th.  I can't believe school activities are going to start ~ summer needs to slow down alil.  She goes in next week for follow up xrays to check how well it's healing.
Last week Av went to Milwaukee to see a sports medicine doctor and trainer not only for the foot but for the ongoing knee pain she's been dealing with for over a year now.  We also added shoulder pain in when we were there too.  She came home with new diagnosis' and a referral for more PT to help strengthen and retrain muscles that are not pulling their weight.  I hope after the PT, and foot healing she'll get back on the board better then ever.  The last time Av was on a board was at diving camp in Iowa the end of June :(  She'll have some catching up to do before her first competition in High School
When bored ~ Av and I tested out the shock collar out so she feels what the dog feels if it should get shocked.  This was at setting #3 (we did 1 and 2 too) and it doesn't really hurt it's just a weird surprising tingling sensation..... well I cried due to laughing so hard.  LOL

Av's babysitting has really started off well this summer and she is really enjoying it.  She has 2 kiddos she's been watching pretty consistently ~  About every other Monday she watches a girl in 1st grade from 9-4 and then 2-4 times a month she watches a lil girl in the neighborhood in the evenings.  They keep her busy and on her toes.... I LOVE IT!!  Looking for a babysitter just let me know.

Danny went down to CHOW to have that tooth looked at.  Thankfully it was just a baby tooth but unfortunately it had cracked and pieces were chipping off. That was his last baby tooth left and the dentist pulled it, no worrying about loose teeth anyore.  It was still connected to a root and it was a molar which meant it didn't come out the easiest. The hole was pretty large .... 3 weeks later it's still healing and bleeding once in awhile :(  She's wearing a cute hat as it was her last day in CHOW dental clinic.
 He earned himself a BIG balloon for being so brave and not biting the dentist.

4th of July was pretty quiet around here as Av was gone with her boyfriends family for 4 days.   I managed to snap a photo of them together before she left.
 I went and got my nails all festive
Dan and I took Danny to the local park to see what they all had going on for festivities ~ there wasn't too much there.  20 minutes in and out, but we didn't leave before we got our orange/lemonade drink....ooooo so good!!
 Well they won't lose her ~ LOL.  Very cool his parents sent me photos here n there :)
 Danny and I watched the fireworks on TV.  I was so impressed with the New York display that we watched.  They coordinated the firework display with music that was being preformed live by a military choir/band.  It was AWESOME!!  Might be our new tradition, no bugs, no traffic, and no mobs of people.  The poor pups were scared by the constant fireworks being set off in our neighborhood ~ one was under the bed and another one was hiding back in my clothes closet, poor bugs.

Danny's new ride ~ a bike trailer/jogger for BIGGER special needs kids.  The company that makes them is Cycletote.  Some assembly acquired :)

 Av testing it out after Dan did a few modifications for clearance

 The LOVE these two have ~  yeap chillaxing on the floor doing a Grey's binge

The wet and HOT weather has made the weeds in the garden VERY happy.  So one day Dan and I spent over 5 hours weeding ~ YUCK!! Boy did I feel it for DAYS afterwards ~ so old!!
 But the results afterwards were rewarding.  We've already been eating the produce ~ Zucchini, Kohlrabi, yellow squash, and few peppers and cucumbers.  I was excited to see a watermelon on the vine this year.  Maybe just maybe ....... we've never had good luck with them

Chillaxing in tie dye

 Av did go to Camp Onaway but with the boot and strict instructions to be smart!!  She'll be gone for the week so it's kinda quiet around here

Danny went to the Appleton Farmers Market with Ms Keren and Ms Emma.  Boy did we score not only some great food but we found a lady that is going to crochet him a pair of cowboy boots (for Ms Emma's wedding) and a pair of sneakers.  I can't wait to show them off!!
 He's so kind and carries our bags for us :)
 After the Farmers Market it was time to cool off and hang out with his friends in the pool.
 Danny and his BFF Griffin ~ my chunky monkey is 4 months younger then his friend.... but you wouldn't know it by looking at them.  WOW ~These two have been hanging out together since they were babies - look how big there getting
 Raymond supervises to make sure they behave
 Jeromy makes my day when he is in the water....he's so happy in the water, kicking around and vocalizing.
 Danny's girlfriend ~ Ms Wyllow and her mom.  Also a chatter box when she is in the water
 Look at that SMILE ~
 I absolutely LOVE having his friends over so they can enjoy some fun in the pool.  Even better that they bring their moms with them so we can hang out too, lol.  We have Danny's BIG Annual Special Needs Swim coming up in a couple weeks and I'm so excited, this will be the 6th year.
If you look real close standing by Danny in the water (blue float under the umbrella) is Ms Keren ~ YAY, she never goes in the water.

Tomorrow we head up to Green Bay to have Danny's IntraThecal Baclofen pump refilled and chat with his Neurologist.  We are seeing an increase with his Neuro's lately so we'll have to see what ideas the Dr has.  Then Friday we are going back to see Dr Kasper for follow up xrays, labs, and to check him over... there are still a few things going on that I'd like him to check out.  Danny has PT tomorrow afternoon and another one the next day in addition to his monthly massage Friday afternoon so he'll be a busy guy this week.
I have a follow up appt this week too with my Neuro here in the Fox Valley.  I'm doing pretty good so I'm hoping for all good things there.
This weekend (if the weather isn't so blastedly HOT) we all plan on going to the drag strip to watch Dan race and see the Jet Cars.  If you're not doing anything head on over to WIR in Kaukauna, maybe we'll see you there.
We got our family photos back and they are amazing!! If you are looking for a photographer give All Seasons Photography in New London, WI a call!!
Here are my favorites ~ Enjoy

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Where are we?  Well that's a very good question and it all depends ~ last week Av n I drove over to Indianapolis for the Olympic trails, this week I drove 5 of the divers from our club to Iowa City for a dive camp, next week the 4 of us + Emma are driving over to Missouri for Dive Zones, and depending on where Av places in Zones Southern Georgia could be in our future travels.  In addition to driving across the US the camps that Av is involved in are in full swing. I know that this summer is going to FLY by, but we still manage to have some time to chillax
Pool TIME with good friends!!
 Danny hanging with his good Bff Raymond
 Mother of the year award goes to ....... ME :(  Sorry Danny
 Fathers Day we even got Dan in the pool ~ look he can fly
 Unfortunately his son gets his sun burn ability from his dad.....after a short time in the sun Dan was fried and very uncomfortable for days
Av had me try body painting on art isn't too shabby 
Danny Sporting his new shirt that Ms Emma's aunt made for him ~ all ready to go to his Orthopedic follow up
 Hips are good ~ here you can see his right hip gurdlestone procedure.  Where they cut off the femoral head and removed the socket due to his chronic hip dislocation.   Best decision was to due this for Danny....his pain is gone.  He even goes in the stander still so win win!!
 Check out all that hardware......he's my bionic boy
 Danny's been out of sorts lately and we can not put our fingers on to a good reason why
 We ran labs which were off but we really haven't found a solid reason as to why they were so off.  We did find a issue with his teeth so that bought him a ticket to the dentist this week to have it looked at more.
 Even with Dr K mucking with his mouth by removing the chipped tooth lodged in his gum Danny still managed to give a sass smirk.
We've gone to the Farmer's market
 I will hold your hand and be by your side. Your hand fits in mine as it will Always be a promise that you will not have to do it alone. I will be your voice, your eyes, your legs and show you the world, be your protector, and comforter. I chose you, in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality I'd find you and I'll always chose you. Thank you for being my Hero!! 
 Look how tall he is.  With his last set of xrays it looks as his growth plates have closed so he will not get much taller then what his is now
 We've been doing more prone "tummy" time with him.  It's not his favorite but ..... suck it up!!
 Cheering him on.....yes I'm a mean mom
 We went to the, they have recliners now.  SWEET and Comfy
 The seating arrangement with a wheelchair isn't the best now with the recliners so Av n I had to sit behind these too clowns.  Someone please tell Danny it's summer and the winter hat and blankets can stay in the closet
 Tis the season for Family photos..... our preview outfits
 Can you tell how impressed he was?
 What a beautiful young lady
 He Cleans up pretty nice?
 Now the hard part....waiting to see what she captured.  I can't wait to see them!!!!!

So exciting that our good friend Nick's memory is staying alive....I started paying it forward with these cool cards his mom had made.  I'm sure he put a smile on someones face today at the cupcake store and Jimmy John's.
Off to Indy to see the Olympic Dive Trails.... what an amazing experience.
 of course we got stuck in some crappy traffic .... our 6hr trip ended up being 8
 We had a nice hotel room where we just relaxed and ordered room service
 So awesome!  To be in a building with some of the best of the best divers in the US.

 We met up with Av's coach, his wife, and their son
 Walking billboard for team USA
I took a BIG step and got LASIK done on both my eyes.  I have to say I was freaking out!!!  This was a HUGE anxiety trigger for me.  I mean it's my eyes!!!  It went very well and I'm glad I did it, now I just wait for my eye to completely heal the next 2-3 weeks to see what the final results are.  I can see/read so much better, but my distance vision has blurred out more.  I've been told his is pretty normal and things should come back as my eyes heal and my brain adjusts to my "new" eyes.
Only Ms Emma would be enjoying watching my surgery ~ lol
You can tell how concerned he was
She taped it too.  Here is where they put the bracket in my eye holding it still while they cut the lens
This video shows a different holder in my eye, the flipping of the flap cut, the laser corrects the imperfections, and putting the flap back in place. video
 The flap heals over within 48hrs, now isn't that amazing!  There is no touching the eye area for 3 days other then putting 3 different eye drops in my eye 4 times a day for the next 2 weeks.  3 days after the surgery I was on my way to Iowa driving the kids to camp.  The ride wasn't too bad I just had to stop here in there to put drops in my eyes.

Iowa City Bounty~
 Her dorm room
 She'll bleed black n gold ~ lol  Her heart continues to be a Hawkeye for her college choice.
 The whole crew is ready to get their dive on
 before the camp officially started they were all watching the Olympic dive trials
 Despite 3, yes 3 fire alarms over nite starting at 1am....they are look like they are still having a good time