Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The deer hunt 2017 was another success ~ Danny dressed the part in hopes to bring on some good luck to Av n Dan
Really mom?
Well it must have worked......Av is now 5 for 5 in successful deer hunts.
We held Thanksgiving here at the house this year.  It was so nice to not have to travel this year.
Nanny with her Grandbabes
Dan decided to get braces on so the next 18 months he's going to enjoy  A LOT of soft foods.  Maybe when they come off he'll show his teeth when he smiles ~ LOL
Av continues to dive with the club daily.  They have their first dive meet of the season mid January in Brown Deer, WI.  She's very excited to get back on the 3M board.
It's so cool to see your kid in the paper!!
The newspaper was at the pool last week to do a photo shoot on an article about her winning Athlete of the Year, once it's published I will let you know.  Stay tuned for the link!
Av was also nominated to win the Wisconsin Top Prep Athlete Award, the banquet isn't till May.  It will be awhile before we find out if she has won.  I will keep you posted!

 I would like to introduce the newest member of our family...... LACY.  She's over 1 years old and is a yorkie terrier mix.  I picked her up mid November from a local shelter who rescued her from a high killer shelter in Kentucky.  She had an eye injury that despite treatment couldn't be saved so her eye had to be removed, but that does NOT slow this lil sweet pea down at all.  She doesn't miss a beat and has been my tail since we brought her home.
 She adores Danny!  They LOVE to snuggle
 That doesn't look comfortable ~ she is VERY skinny so we are working on filling out her significant hour glass figure.  The rest of the pack is loving the extra treats and now since has to go on a diet ~ LOL
There was NO adjustment period needed with her "siblings".  They LOVED her and welcomed her to the pack with NO ISSUES, I guess it was meant to be.  I'm amazed!!  She's been a wonderful addition to our family
I got my last cover up done last week ~ Danny's tattoo.  Jake from Neenah Electric Tattoo once again did amazing work, I love it!!

This last weekend we held Danny's 14th Birthday party at the roller rink.  OMG Danny is going to be 14!!
We were honored to have Santa come and join in our celebrations.  His been to every party we've had (minus 2 years one for an operation and another due to an illness).  Santa is a definitely the highlight of our parties.  
  Naughty or Nice?
 Jaden n Av
 Josh, Danny's PT came to the party too.....and he even put on skates!
These two are absolutely adorable!!  Ms Maggie is so sweet, I just wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home
Awe ~ now doesn't that just melt your heart
Santa is always willing to do individual and family photos with our party guests.
We are so blessed to have friends come help celebrate another wonderful year of Danny!!
Av n Jaden's gingerbread houses
Our tree this year!  We downs sized this year as we are not going to be around much so I thought we'd give this guy a try.  Isn't it cute?
From our family to yours  ~ Merry Christmas and A Happy m Healthy New Year!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bring it on

This last month has definitely been a ride!! I've hit some pretty awesome highs but also been blown away with some significant lows, but I'm still standing to tell the stories...so here we GO

I will have to start with the most recent news here at the Osero household .....
I am elated to personally introduce to you ~ Wisconsin's 2017 State Dive Champion, Av Osero!
Yes she pulled it off and defended her title for another year.  I'm so proud of her ... all of her hard work paid off once again.   Back to back Wisconsin State Diving Champion
Dream BIG Baby Girl and reach for the stars!!
Here's a recap of the weekend ~ what a great end to an amazing season...where she placed 1st in all but one (placing 2nd) of her Sophomore dive meets
Friday morning before school and I'm already torturing her with photos
Coach Tami, Coach Tim, Bailey and Av practicing before they left for state ~
The State team ~ 
 The NHS Swim and Dive team going to state
 The team dinner at Uno's the night before
Thankfully we were able to get around the clock nursing for Danny as getting him to state isn't the easiest task..... he was up, dressed and ready to watch the diving competition live with Ms Cori!  She sent me this pic of him right before the meet started
 The top 24 girls in Wisconsin compete in the state meet ~ Divers meeting before it begins
Av's good friend and fellow diver, Izzy, came over from college to surprise Av at the meet....tears were shed....I for see a new slogan for AV "Another Victory"
Av's cheer squad in addition to many of the swimmer parents being in the stand!  We also didn't tell her that Jaden and his mom were coming.... SURPRISE = more tears shed
As you can tell by her reaction when we told her to look into the stands.  Ha ~ GOTCHA!!
Here are her dives from the state meet.....we are submitting them for All-American
Looking back at the score board after her dive
Way TO GO AV!!  Sorry it got alil shaky
 What a great pair!!  They are in the history books that is for sure.
 Lunch after the meet at Panera before the swim competitions start
During the swim competition they acknowledge the divers ... Av's was the only one out of the top 6 to show up.  I felt bad for her standing there alone on the podium.....just goes to show how people can be so rude and what poor sportsmanship they have.  Hold your head high and celebrate your accomplishments we are so proud of you!!
 The NHS team placed 6th over all at the State meet....one of the best teams/places for NHS.  Way to go Girls!!

 And she's right back at it today as club diving starts. You can't keep this girl off the diving boards!!  Not only did she have an amazing dive season but she continues to hold straight A's and her teachers have nothing but nice things to say about her.
Av's birthday was on Oct 24th
Av didn't want to do much for her bday this year....but her friends came over and surprised/scared her.  What great memories!!
We held the annual team Halloween scavenger hunt/dinner here at the house this year.  What fun, It was all hands on deck to have it run smoothly. I think they all had a nice time
Even the pups were in their costumes
 That's A LOT of girls in my basement
 Our list that they had to find or do in the community to video or photo
 We even put Danny to work (thanks Ms Cori and Sarah)
 I got a cupcake cake to celebrate her birthday with the team

Danny is also rocking it as he is now off of Keppra which is another seizure med that we been able to get rid of since bringing on CBD oil.   AMAZING!!  Not only to get him off those toxic meds but to see his personality coming out more n more.  I can't wait to see him shine even more. Yesterday was a hard day with episodes for Danny but today he is back to all smiles.  I think a lot of it had to do with the weather/front that was running thru and in the am his foley bag didn't have a good out put amount and a full bladder with trigger episodes.  Time will tell if we will need to adjust some meds but in the big picture....THINGS ARE GREAT!  Today we have an appt with cardiology just as a follow up and I'm anticipating a good report from the doctor on his ticker.
Last month Danny had some procedures done under general anesthesia down at CHOW and he did amazing.  I was so anxious as he hasn't had to go under for a very long time....which after 40+ surgeries it doesn't get any easier.  He was doing so well I didn't want to rock the boat and possibly have any set backs.  He had his ears cleaned out, a bronc, removal of a granuloma in his trachea, a deep clean dental cleaning, and 2 cavities were filled.  All that and we were still able to come home the SAME DAY!  There was an issue with the wrong anesthesiologist being on his case, but once I got that taken care of my anxiety was alil more at ease.
He looks so peaceful and he rocked his own hospital gown in the OR
 I saw this frog balloon and I just had to have it for Danny....it was either going to scare the hell out of him or cheer him up.  Everyone thru the hospital had commented on the balloon so I think it was a win!
 We are ordering more Team Danny tshirts.... if you are interested in one place contact me with size, color, and short or long sleeve. Once I have a total of how many are to be ordered I will have a better price but I believe the short sleeves will run about $18 and the long $21.  I would like to have the orders by Nov. 17 so I can put the actual order in on the 20th.  Just let me know!!
 Danny continues to be an artist and made some turkey decorations for his tree
He even cooperated with making the turkey decorations on his monthly wall.
We added a new member to Danny's Team.  Meet Ms Nicole she been wonderful to work with thus far and Danny is taking a liking to her also.  I hope this is the start to a long lasting position.

State is over with and mid November is upon us which means...... The Hunting Holiday is here!  Dan and Av will be up  north at the Newwood hunting together once again this year.  Let's see if they can do 5 for 5 with going out and harvesting a deer.  Good luck to all of you hunters out there!!  Dan and Av will be coming back after the weekend as on Monday nite we have the NHS swim and dive team banquet to attend.  Then we are going to have Thanksgiving here at the house this year. 

I've been busy with displaying my grandmother's Precious Moment collection that I have inherited.  I knew she had a lot and boy did she ever.   I'm glad I am able to continue to showcase them off for her.  At her new place she just doesn't have the room for them...I can't wait to show her at Thanksgiving 
 We have our traditional Kringla in the house (Norwegian bread/cookie)!  This year I got smarter and made a double batch...so we should be stocked for awhile.
YAY ~ I finally have lighted pilars at the end of the driveway....it only took 8yrs.  They look great!  We also finally put up a fence in the backyard so the pups stick around instead of chasing the bunnies, deer, fox,  etc. into the woods.  I hope that will also be the end of getting sprayed by skunks, blah

I've been having some issues with High Blood pressure and heart palpitations so on Thursday I go in to have a heart holter monitor put on for 24hrs to see if there is anything I need to be concerned about or it's stress/anxiety driven.  Stay tuned with that!  I just hope that MS isn't going to come out to play now too, but I'll deal with whatever comes my way. One step at a time!