Friday, July 30, 2010

What We've Been Up Too

Sorry for the lack of updates but this last week has been a busy one for the Osero household.
Avrianna has been very busy hanging out in the basement in her blanket forts IF she's not swimming in the pool. I swear that girl is going to grow gills, LOL. She's decided to do swim again this winter n fall with The Wave Swim Team. It's alot of work and running around but I'm glad she's found something that she enjoys to do. Her piano lessons have really paid off.....Dan and Avrianna will sit at the computer and play together .... I LOVE IT! She's becoming a great musician :) School is just around the corner, WOW I have a 3rd grader. Boy do I feel old, LOL. We are done shopping and labeling the school supplies. She's all ready and thankfully she's still eager to go back to school :) This weekend is super Birthday party busy for her. Avrianna has a sleep over birthday party to be at tonight and then I pick her up to take her to another birthday party on Saturday afternoon. WOW, can you say OVER tired when she gets home....YIKES!
Our newest visitors to our home ...... twin fawns and their Momma :) I heard it's rare to see twins so we're very excited they like to play around in our yard for us to admire them. They are so fun to watch as they prance around :)Unfortunately Danny has still been in alot of discomfort this week. Another reason why I haven't had alot of computer time this week. This is after his nurse gave him his first shower......... he was NOT thrilled. Way to go Gail!! LOL BUT we all are happy he got a shower and smells ohhhhh sooooo MUCH BETTER :) Sorry Lil Man it HAD to be done!It's always comforting to know that he's in the best care ...... with his "girls" ~ WE LOVE YOU!! I don't know what we'd do without you in our family :)
Nurse AleanaNurse GailHe's been tolerating his chair more n more as the week goes on, YIPEE!! BUT as you can see he's VERY cushioned when he's in it. All the steary strips are off!! His incisions are already scared over. It's amazing how fast his body healed with this surgery.3 wks Post Op Xrays ~ Danny went from a 83 degree lower lumbar to a 36 degree bend. Wow that's OVER half of the correction, which we had hoped for. BUT now it's noticed that tweaking the lower has given him another curve in the middle of 25 degrees. So if you were to subtract the to two curves he's really only curved 11 degrees. WOW WOW! The doctors were pleasantly surprised that his hardware is all in place because of his levels of discomfort the last week it was on there mind that something might have happened.The lateral view ~ 3 wks post op Xrays.....I still can't get over how straight he is. WOW!! Look how nice and flat the puck for the ITB sits in his abdomen now :)Danny's hip showing it is more subluxed BUT not totally dislocated yet ~ not sure if that is good remark or not
The other issues that I was made aware of during our post op visit is that the pelvis hardware could be irritating Danny sciatic nerve....oh great! So this could be the source of discomfort too. PT has started back on so I'm hoping they can work him over and stretch him out, LOL. Danny is continuing to increase his formula regimen....and decrease the TPN nutrition. The "plan" is that he will be off TPN by Monday. WOW ~ I'll take is as the last surgery/illness had him on TPN for almost 5 months. The drive down to CHOW wasn't as bad has I had anticipated it to go, thanks goodness. Mind you he was heavily medicated, but still I had planned for the worst and was pleasantly impressed when he did so WELL. What a ROCK STAR!!
Despite an awful migraine I woke up too on Thursday .... I still was productive :) I had told Danny's nurse that I would make a cake for her daughters birthday. She's a Harry Potter fan and wanted a cake of The Monster Book. I'm not educated with the Harry Potter stuff so I'm hoping this protrays everything correctly. Happy Birthday Alexa!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Just wanted to let you know that the nodule biopsy did NOT show any signs of cancer, phew! What an awesome Dr to call on the weekend to let me know...he said he wanted to call right away so I wouldn't worry all weekend about it. So NICE! I am to have a follow up on the nodule and labs every 4 months for at least the next year. It's a good day :) Tomorrow we are having my family over for swimming and dinner .... I guess we'll have to make a celebration out of it.
The after math of the biopsy....definitely NOT as bad as I had anticiapted it to be Dr Kasper came over this afternoon to check out Lil Man ~ have I told you how wonderful a doctor he is to Danny :) Making house calls on a weekend....he ROCKS! Danny is looking good! He 's having a pretty good day:) We've started the G-tube feeding ~ SLOWLY. He's up to a quarter strength formula reciped at 10cc hour from 9-5, we're giving him a break during the night. Tomorrow we are going to attempt half strength at the same rate and see how that goes. I can't wait till we can get rid of the TPN. Poor Lil Man has a rough time with the dressing changes so we've elected to leave them off. The wounds have stopped draining (been that way before we left the hosptail) so they are not really needed.
Here he is 11 days post op. Looking good Lil Man!
If you look closely on the right (top) side you can see the rod (it's kinda purplish in color) showing through the skin.

Avrianna is done with her summer running around and is enjoying her time hanging out with the neighbor kids. It's been so hot n humid they've been playing with blankets forts n the basements. Now that I FINALLY drained all the water off the top of the pool cover I'm sure they are all going to be splashing in there very soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No More ....Please

This is what I saw when the I went down to the shop to make sure everything is staying ONCE AGAIN the sky's have just dumped on us. Anyone building an ARK? Please pumps keep on pumping because.......
This is what is on the other side of that door, YIKES!

My rock beds are overflowing with water

The water has NO WHERE to go....the retaining ponds are already full!

Enough ~ No MORE rain's suppose to continue to rain off n on till Sunday....we are going to have a lake in the backyard if it stays at this pace.
Danny is having a MUCH better day :) What a stresser to watch you child cry ALL day and nothing was helping him out. I hope he stays in a good mood.
I had my biopsy this afternoon. After they drew blood to make sure my clotting factors were good they started with on ultrasound of before, then they used the ultrasound during the biopsy. They ended up sticking 7 needles in my no more please! I won't hear any results for a couple day, so let the waiting begin. My throat is very soar and it's hard for me to swallow (normal). I'm suppose to expect tons of bruising too, oh yea! Glad I don't have to do any more pictures.
I will keep you posted!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

REALLY ?!? What Next!

A storm is a brewing...the story of our weather EVERY day the last few days. I'm so sick of wet! Rain! Our drainage ponds are FULL FULL. Ugh~ NO MORE rain please!
But the clouds are just amazing to watch ~
As with with weather ~ a storm is brewing again with......ME. UGH~ I'm so sick of illness! I try NOT to ask "what next" as I know (all too well) there could be that something around the corner, BUT come on how many corners am I going to come across. I've had my fair share, that's for sure ~ I'm trying to stay up beat and shrug it off...but there comes a time when you just want to know "What the hell did I do? Was it a sick joke to have me on this earth? Do you just want me to crack?" You can only pick yourself up soooooooooo many times and then you start to wonder if you should just stay down. I'm blogging about it because I blog about everything and I'm hoping (as it has before) I'll feel better afterwards. I've blogged about the thyroid issues that I've been having before........the follow up blood work that I had before Danny's surgery still had shown my TSH level and a few others low. The ultrasound I had, had a nodule show up on the left side of my thyroid. I called my primary doc when Danny was in the hospital to ask "what next". I was told they still just wanted to watch it, come back in 3 months. Well I've been watching it for a year now and now I have a I asked to be referred to a specialist. Yesterday I saw an endocrine doc. After he got ALL and the proper information (frustrating) we went through everything with a fin tooth comb. He was a very educated and compassionate doc, he even called me (personally) two time yesterday afternoon to ask me some more questions :) We went through all my labs and images from the last year and he found not only a nodule on the left but "something" on the right also. He looked at my head MRI's and found "something" on my pituitary gland, I've had issues with my pituitary for MANY years. Now I will be getting more images of both....Come to find out the thyroid and pituitary work together ~ in the scheme of things. So this morning bright n early (before 8am) I had to return to have more blood work done to check the functions of both the thyroid n the pituitary. The doctor had already called me (personally) a few hours after the test and even though they are low he thinks we can still watch them..... BUT ..... if the biopsy I go to tomorrow shows what he thinks then all bets are off. With the nodule on the left side he is disturbed by the shape and that it has calcium deposits in it. So he thinks it "could be" cancer. REALLY?!? If it is cancer it can be removed and treated very easily. So it's not that I'm necessarily scared (don't get me wrong no one likes that word) I'm just frustrated that it's ALWAYS something. I mean ..... WHAT NEXT????????? Ok I asked it, so knock it off already! I have enough on my plate, I'm FULL, OVERFLOWING even!!
I will keep you updated on everything that goes on. I have to go in next week for nuclear medicine imaging, and more MRI's. I have to be at the hospital at noon tomorrow and it will take alil over an hour for the biopsy and the endocrine doc called me to let me know he will be doing the biopsy tomorrow too. WOW! I'm not all too impressed to fast for 4 hours before (ugh no morning coffee, well I'll have to do coffee bongs before 8am LOL) and I'm definitely too impressed to have a needle stuck in my throat. YIKES!
Danny's been alil out of sorts since he's been home. I'm kinda bummed about it, as he's been quite fuzzy. We're trying to figure out where and why. He's so complicated that it could be a number of things. I'd give ANY thing if he could just point so I knew where to start. It could be pain, lord knows he's entitled..but he was so good the first week it's not top on my priority list. It could be cramping from his tummy starting to move and wake up. It could be his tummy from trying to feed him and it disagreeing or he could just feel hungry because he's getting his nutrition via TPN still. UGH!!! On the brighter side he has had BM's both yesterday and today all by himself WITHOUT enema's. CODE BROWN ~ Woot woot! We have bowel sounds! The process has begun, phew! Now to keep it up, Danny!!
Here he is 1 week post op!

All the bruises have popped up, poor thing! BUT it looks worse then he is acting about it. I'm so proud of him :)

If looks could kill........boy was he upset with us. This was after having to take the tape off for the second time because he solid the wound dressing AFTER we JUST changed them. Sorry buddy but it has to be clean!

This has been the face we've had to look at the last couple of days. He's just miserable! He doesn't like any position, sigh. Just breaks my heart to see him like this. He's been so upset you can hear him....he's been pushing the air right past the nose and up to his vocal cords. I ALWAYS LOVE to hear his voice, but not like this :(

The garden is growing like a weed (not to mention growing weeds, LOL). It's so cool to watch it grow from the seed to the produce. I wasn't sure how we'd do our first year at gardening, BUT we've done pretty good :)

Holy Corn!!

Fresh produce right out of the doesn't get any better then that :)

Thanks for stopping in to check on us....sorry it was such a downer post. I know some of you were really worried about me the last couple days. Don't worry ~ I'll be ok :) I've been VERY busy with Danny, I tried to keep myself occupied, and with all the doc appt lately I haven't alot of time to chat. I just needed to zone for awhile! Thanks for all your support guys....I don't know how I would do it some days ~

Monday, July 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Just wanted to let you all know that we are home. We got home about 3 this afternoon. TPN was due to be delivered to the house at 4 but didn't show up till 6. That's ok though as I got some stuff put away from our hospital stay. Then we had a nurse from our home medical supplier go over ALL the Danny stuff so we can be registered in their system. Now we'll have their nurses come to the house two times a week to "check" on him and draw his labs in addition to our independent nursing. They also provide home PT so I requested that they come out to the house and help us with Danny's recovery ~ seeing we're still in the summer and Danny doesn't have his school PT coming. It will be nice, but I'm sure Danny won't think it's all that nice, LOL! Danny's alil upset at the moment. I'm sure the car ride home wasn't the MOST comfortable for him. It's going to be a long night for us I fear, but we're home.....Let the recovery BEGIN.
I need to get to Lil Man, But wanted to let you know we made it home safe and sound.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Verdict

It sounds like Monday we'll be able to go home! If he wasn't on TPN we could have gone home yesterday (Saturday), but the home health agency will need to make up the TPN n deliver it to us so with it being a weekend they weren't sure if they would be able to have it completed. That's ok, there is an end in sight, and Lil Man continues to do GREAT! I was so worried about this surgery and here he proves me wrong once again .... I'll take being wrong when he's too the better :) Last night Dan and Avrianna came down to visit and took me out to The Cheesecake Factory. UGH, I still think I'm full ~ LOL. We had the Oreo Cheesecake for dessert ~ I had alil bit of heaven :).
Well not too much to report, but I guess that's a good thing....right? I ended up finding out some of his meds were not correct on his med sheet so I'm hoping now that we've corrected things he's urine output improves :) Danny also had 2 "code browns" yesterday after each enemia....glad to see they are starting to give results :) BUT still no significant bowel sounds..WAKE UP already!
Avrianna had talked my ear off with all that she did at Girl Scout Camp. I'm so glad she enjoyed her camp time which I know helped keep her mind off of her brothers surgery :)
Thanks for stopping by to check in us! We LOVE to hear from you guys too so post a comment or sign our guestbook to let us know you stopped by ~ Until next time

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Danny hasn't had ANY pain meds since last night at 7pm. I can't believe it! What a ROCK STAR! And that's even with a bed bath, sitting up and transfering him into his chair. He is very comfortable sitting in his chair watching TV this morning. In rounds today I asked the golden question .... What NEEDS to happen for us to go home? The assumption from the hospitalist was Danny needed to be on his home feed regimen.....until I let him know that we've done TPN at home already. Then it was decided that his urine output needs to be better (we can cath at home but if he's not producing it, cathing won't do antyhing) and he needs to get cleaned out better (luckily this mornings enemia finally gave us some results). Danny's had 6 in the last 32 hours without good results, so it's a good thing that he's finally getting some of it out. Not that is was too impressive (as the KUB had shown him to be VERY packed), but it's a start. We can do enemia's at home so that's not as BIG of a deal as the urine production. They are wathcing his urine output this morning and if he continues to slow his production down he might have another round of albumin n lasix later today. They are going to consult with Dr John today to see what he feels is a "good" plan of attack for going home on.
I will keep you posted! Dan and Avrianna are coming down the visit today :) I can't wait to see them!

Friday, July 16, 2010

sleeping in

More like sleeping in his chair!! Today was the first day in his chair and he had the best heart rate in the last three days while in his chair :)

He was so comfy he slept in his chair, well that's really not totally I've only seen his eye balls for maybe 2 hrs today. He's just wiped out! Not sure if he needs the day to recoup from all that's been going on or if he is reaping the benefits of the baclofen catheter being up so high and now he's more sedated. I've requested that rehab consult in this matter but seeing it's almost 7pm on a Friday something tells me we are NOT going to hear from them any time soon. We'll see what tomorrow brings for his alertness. Danny did sit in his chair for almost 2 hours before we took him out. Once again a ROCK STAR! It didn't bother him at all, it's so nice to see him back UP in his chair. Another step closer to home :) We have his chair almost sitting straight up....he's NEVER sat straight up in his chair it's ALWAYS needed to be reclined. Boy will this be nice as he's not so long anymore we won't be taking out as much wood work n walls, LOL
He even slept through his dressing change. And he HATES tape....he gets upset when you take of a band aid, BUT he'll sleep through a shot. I know weird! Well here's the wounds. Not bad at all!! As you can see he still reacts to the "special" wound dressing that he's NOT allergic to.

Here's the orthopedic surgeon that has worked his magic with Lil Man's back.....Thanks Dr Tassone :)

And this is Danny's Palliative Care Doc ~ Dr John he helps Danny tremendously in managing/coaching "the team" to make sure they all play nice and he makes sure that Danny is as comfortable as possible :)

Thanks Docs for helping to give Danny the best quality of life, you are greatly appreciated!
I talked with Avrianna and she had a BLAST at camp. This was her first camp that she's attended and from the sounds of it ..... it definitely won't be the last. I'm hoping Dan & Avrianna will be coming to visit this weekend sometime so I can get all the details of her fun filled week. I'm so glad she had a wonderful time!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Straight UP! Before n Afters

X ray showing Lower Lumbar curve and cath tip in the middle of his back BEFORE VEPTR

Xray showing the curve in lower's almost gone! View of lower rods of VEPTR

View of upper part of the VEPTR rods......he's so tall they can't get it all in one xray any longer

BEFORE surgery the right side of him was 43" and the left side was 45" tall. Now that his pelvis is more level he is ..................... 47.5" TALL. He is actually 47" on the right side but WOW that's a 4" gain on the one side and his sides only differ half an inch instead of two. HOLY MOLY!
Sitting up BEFORE the VEPTR ~ impressive curve

Sitting up 48 hrs AFTER the VEPTR ~ AMAZING!

Danny only gave PT this face for a few seconds and then sat up in bed for over 5 minutes. What a ROCK STAR!

Back views ~ they are going to change the dressings tomorrow so I'll have a better idea of what's going on under those bandages.
You can see a LARGE abcess looking bubble in the center of his back......this I'm being told is "ok" muscle swelling from the rods being threaded under the skin.
In true Danny form he has thrown a few curve balls our way. Unfortunately his belly n GI tract hasn't woken up from surgery so they are starting TPN tomorrow. This is something I was totally prepared for, but was hoping it wouldn't happen. His CRP levels (inflammation marker) is extremely elevated so along with the high heart rate, fever, and lack of urine he has the doctors on their toes to figure out what is going on internally. Welcome To MY World, LOL! This afternoon he went into a hour spell of retching, boy that is so hard to watch. He couldn't catch his breath, poor thing! He is resting peacefully right now:) So far all n all I'm very happy with the VEPTR results. We'll see what this evening and tomorrow brings our way. He's had a Great team of nurses taking care of him....I've even gotten out of the room this time here n there to grab something to eat. Boy does that make the stay here SO MUCH easier when we have good nursing care and not to mention consistent nursing care. We've had the same nurses every day n night. They are starting to get the "Danny" way :0)
I talked with Avrianna and she is having a GREAT time at Girl Scout Camp. Yesterday they did tie dye, to was pool day, and tonight she is sleeping over at the camp. Sounds like a FUN time! I can't wait to see her and give her BIG Hugs n Kisses.
I've been keeping myself busy here between chattn it up on FB (what a great outlet of support) and have about 1/3 of Danny's birth to 1 scrap book done. Everyone that stops in wants to see it :) I LOVE talking about my Lil Man!
Thanks for stopping to check on us!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Danny's newest Hardware.....the VEPTR2 rib to pelvis connection.

His torso is SOOOOOOO long now and not to mention VERY straight!

Monkey'n around...his new balloon

Just as last nite went....this morning continues to go well.Danny has had some bumps in the road but nothing too serious. Last night he really wanted to not breathe deeply so his CO2 levels and other labs jumped significantly, BUT when he heard that they were bringing in a vent to "help" him out some....Danny decided he'd rather start breathing better then be put on the vent. Sassy BOY! This morning his labs were all coming back down into the normal range :) This morning's issue is his lack of bowel sounds and pee. He was given lasix very early this morning which helped BUT he seems to slowly decrease his output once again. I believe if it continues they are going to try albumin to see if that helps out. We also gave him a suppository to see if that helps in the pooping dept.
Ok NOW on to the good news!
Did I say how GREAT he looks!!!!!
It's amazing how straight he looks, I didn't think it would have been so noticeable. Now I can't wait to see what he looks like sitting in his chair, BUT I'm alil on edge as I know it's going to be very uncomfortable for him. One step closer to being home so let's see what he can do...You'll NEVER know what he can do, unless you let him try. PT is coming this afternoon and they are going to attempt to get him in his chair.
He is tolerating the pain VERY well, much better then I had anticipated him too. They just turned off the IV drip pain med and started on the oral meds so we'll see how he does with that this afternoon....again another step closer to home :)
The incisions are ....well, a cake walk to what I had thought it was going to be. The surgeon didn't open him up like I had thought with one BIG incision. Danny has a small incision by his shoulder blades and above his pelvis on both sides and then they threaded the rods under the skin. So other then him probably feeling like he got hit by a Mack truck the incision site should be a BIG issue for the pain source.
The Neurosurgeon was able to thread in Danny's ITB catheter back up to T1, WOW. I'm so excited as they have already started to turn down his pump rate and they are thinking of getting rid of some other tone meds. Now to sit and wait to see if his leg functions come back :) EXCITING!!
All in all this decision has seemed to be the right one for Danny. I'm sure it's not going to be all roses through his road to recovery, but I DO BELIEVE in the end It will improve his quality of life. That's what IT IS ALL ABOUT!
Thanks again for following us and sending your support our direction. I will keep you posted on his progress.
Danny and I are in Room#416 surgical ICU at Children's of Wisconsin in Milwaukee the direct line into the room is (414)337-8106. Thanks for thinking of my Lil Man :)
Avrianna is doing wonderful at Girl Scout Camp. I don't even think she misses us! I'm glad she has something to do to occupy her time and mind. Can't wait to see the fun stuff she did at camp :)
Now I'm off the start Lil man's scrapbook. My project for this admit is to start in finish it. Avrianna's is already complete!


Hello blog family ~
Sorry for the lack of updates last night! All I really have is GOOD NEWS to report. He had a GREAT nite! Better then I had imagined it was going to go. He is still in some discomfort BUT nothing like I had thought. Even better I can access and update my blog via the computer once again. Which is SO MUCH better for me I'm not so good with the "texting" on the phone, LOL. I will update again after rounds

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Veptr surgery

Danny has been in surgery since 10:30 this morning. He is doing great! They placed a PICC line before surgery with no complications. The ortho surgeon is about another hour from completing the VEPTR spinal correction. Once he is done he will come out to talk with us as the neurosurgeon starts to replace the ITB pump catheter. I will post later once we get in a room. Sorry so short n sweet but I have to update the blog via my phone and the connecton isn't so great. Thanks for your prayers and for checking in on my Lil Man

Monday, July 5, 2010

"North for the Fourth"

Friday I got word that Papa Dan was getting out of the hospital, so I loaded up the camper and the kids to head up to Tomahawk. Dan was already up there for a meeting so he had a head start on me. The drive went very well and I made in good time. I was pleasantly surprised that the traffic wasn't nuts. Once we got to Tomahawk and the camper was all set we met up with some of the other Osero's and had a good old fish fry :) Well here's the jokerster himself Papa Dan...all that he's been through and he still keeps a smile on his face, he'll tell ya a "story", and he ALWAYS tries to put a smile on every ones faces. We LOVE you Papa!

On the 4th it rained pretty much ALL day. We (Danny and I) hid under a building awning while Dan took Avrianna out by the street side to watch the parade & catch the candy in downtown Tomahawk. Boy does that town have the firetrucks! I think everyone was spit shinned and in the parade. Danny wasn't too impressed with the horns or sirens but hey they were firetrucks :) I was great seeing and chatting with family down at the parade. Danny & I walked through the craft sale with our close family friend Amanda the day before while Avrianna hung out in the river and Dan hung out with Tim. Yes, Amanda I went back and got the dalmatian set (cute set with the Momma and her 3 pups all made out of wood and painted). I had to do it, I should have just listened to you, LOL. It was so nice to see The Lang's and chat with them for awhile.
Ready for the parade!

Dan was cuddling with Danny in the morning and Lil Man was ALL smiles!

As a tradition in Tomahawk the fire dept has water wars in the the street amongst each other after the parade. Here Avrianna patiently waits for them to get everything set up
One dept is on one side and another on the other side and they spray each other till the Captain says which side wins. This is as close I wanted to get, I didn't want to get drenched
Once they are done ...... they spray the crowd and let the kids run in the water :)
All drenched! Avrianna and her fav playmate in Tomahawk, Whitney Osero.

After the parade we went back and got ready for dinner at Art n Jeanie Osero's. We had a blast, it's ALWAYS a good time with them. Not to mention we got extremely lucky as their daughter Lori was in town. She's a photographer in Vegas and Jeanie asked if she would shoot some family pics of us. OMG ~ I'm so grateful! I can't wait to see them. I wish I was more prepared as I didn't have "picture" clothes along so we just threw stuff together. Thanks Lori for taking time during your vacation to do that for us. You were wonderful with the kids :)
I have to go in on Wednesday for a thyroid ultrasound and more lab work so we'll see what comes from that. It's always something, right
Danny is still all set to go on the 13th for surgery, BUT he will not be able to do the PICC line placement here in the Valley before. We'll just go down alil earlier for them to do that before the surgery. I was told that the local hospital couldn't get the right catheter that Danny needs, that it isn't even made.......BUT CHOW is suppose to have it in there hands. So I'll be very interested to see who's right here, do they have the right one? Anxiety is setting in now that it's a week out, sigh. I can't wait till this is over with and we can put it behind us. I'm hoping we can get back to some "normalcy" very soon.
I've almost got Avrianna's birth to 1 yr old scrap book done. WOW - I didn't think I'd like to scrapbook so must. It's a DEstresser for me I think. Where did ALL this time go, my baby girl is growing up. Then I'm going to start Danny's book. At least I'll have something more productive to do at the hospital now :)
I will keep you all posted !