Saturday, July 24, 2010


Just wanted to let you know that the nodule biopsy did NOT show any signs of cancer, phew! What an awesome Dr to call on the weekend to let me know...he said he wanted to call right away so I wouldn't worry all weekend about it. So NICE! I am to have a follow up on the nodule and labs every 4 months for at least the next year. It's a good day :) Tomorrow we are having my family over for swimming and dinner .... I guess we'll have to make a celebration out of it.
The after math of the biopsy....definitely NOT as bad as I had anticiapted it to be Dr Kasper came over this afternoon to check out Lil Man ~ have I told you how wonderful a doctor he is to Danny :) Making house calls on a weekend....he ROCKS! Danny is looking good! He 's having a pretty good day:) We've started the G-tube feeding ~ SLOWLY. He's up to a quarter strength formula reciped at 10cc hour from 9-5, we're giving him a break during the night. Tomorrow we are going to attempt half strength at the same rate and see how that goes. I can't wait till we can get rid of the TPN. Poor Lil Man has a rough time with the dressing changes so we've elected to leave them off. The wounds have stopped draining (been that way before we left the hosptail) so they are not really needed.
Here he is 11 days post op. Looking good Lil Man!
If you look closely on the right (top) side you can see the rod (it's kinda purplish in color) showing through the skin.

Avrianna is done with her summer running around and is enjoying her time hanging out with the neighbor kids. It's been so hot n humid they've been playing with blankets forts n the basements. Now that I FINALLY drained all the water off the top of the pool cover I'm sure they are all going to be splashing in there very soon.


the three wise menn said...

That is a GREAT doctor. So glad you got good news...and hopefully you are also having a break in the rain there. :)

Anonymous said...

You sooooooo deserved a bit of good news for a change!
Hope things continue to go well for Danny and for you.