Thursday, July 22, 2010

No More ....Please

This is what I saw when the I went down to the shop to make sure everything is staying ONCE AGAIN the sky's have just dumped on us. Anyone building an ARK? Please pumps keep on pumping because.......
This is what is on the other side of that door, YIKES!

My rock beds are overflowing with water

The water has NO WHERE to go....the retaining ponds are already full!

Enough ~ No MORE rain's suppose to continue to rain off n on till Sunday....we are going to have a lake in the backyard if it stays at this pace.
Danny is having a MUCH better day :) What a stresser to watch you child cry ALL day and nothing was helping him out. I hope he stays in a good mood.
I had my biopsy this afternoon. After they drew blood to make sure my clotting factors were good they started with on ultrasound of before, then they used the ultrasound during the biopsy. They ended up sticking 7 needles in my no more please! I won't hear any results for a couple day, so let the waiting begin. My throat is very soar and it's hard for me to swallow (normal). I'm suppose to expect tons of bruising too, oh yea! Glad I don't have to do any more pictures.
I will keep you posted!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow, I sure hope that rain eases up! It looks like your garage is going to totally flood in those pictures.

I hope your biopsies give them some answers, and your throat feels better soon.

I'm glad that Danny is doing better today!