Monday, July 5, 2010

"North for the Fourth"

Friday I got word that Papa Dan was getting out of the hospital, so I loaded up the camper and the kids to head up to Tomahawk. Dan was already up there for a meeting so he had a head start on me. The drive went very well and I made in good time. I was pleasantly surprised that the traffic wasn't nuts. Once we got to Tomahawk and the camper was all set we met up with some of the other Osero's and had a good old fish fry :) Well here's the jokerster himself Papa Dan...all that he's been through and he still keeps a smile on his face, he'll tell ya a "story", and he ALWAYS tries to put a smile on every ones faces. We LOVE you Papa!

On the 4th it rained pretty much ALL day. We (Danny and I) hid under a building awning while Dan took Avrianna out by the street side to watch the parade & catch the candy in downtown Tomahawk. Boy does that town have the firetrucks! I think everyone was spit shinned and in the parade. Danny wasn't too impressed with the horns or sirens but hey they were firetrucks :) I was great seeing and chatting with family down at the parade. Danny & I walked through the craft sale with our close family friend Amanda the day before while Avrianna hung out in the river and Dan hung out with Tim. Yes, Amanda I went back and got the dalmatian set (cute set with the Momma and her 3 pups all made out of wood and painted). I had to do it, I should have just listened to you, LOL. It was so nice to see The Lang's and chat with them for awhile.
Ready for the parade!

Dan was cuddling with Danny in the morning and Lil Man was ALL smiles!

As a tradition in Tomahawk the fire dept has water wars in the the street amongst each other after the parade. Here Avrianna patiently waits for them to get everything set up
One dept is on one side and another on the other side and they spray each other till the Captain says which side wins. This is as close I wanted to get, I didn't want to get drenched
Once they are done ...... they spray the crowd and let the kids run in the water :)
All drenched! Avrianna and her fav playmate in Tomahawk, Whitney Osero.

After the parade we went back and got ready for dinner at Art n Jeanie Osero's. We had a blast, it's ALWAYS a good time with them. Not to mention we got extremely lucky as their daughter Lori was in town. She's a photographer in Vegas and Jeanie asked if she would shoot some family pics of us. OMG ~ I'm so grateful! I can't wait to see them. I wish I was more prepared as I didn't have "picture" clothes along so we just threw stuff together. Thanks Lori for taking time during your vacation to do that for us. You were wonderful with the kids :)
I have to go in on Wednesday for a thyroid ultrasound and more lab work so we'll see what comes from that. It's always something, right
Danny is still all set to go on the 13th for surgery, BUT he will not be able to do the PICC line placement here in the Valley before. We'll just go down alil earlier for them to do that before the surgery. I was told that the local hospital couldn't get the right catheter that Danny needs, that it isn't even made.......BUT CHOW is suppose to have it in there hands. So I'll be very interested to see who's right here, do they have the right one? Anxiety is setting in now that it's a week out, sigh. I can't wait till this is over with and we can put it behind us. I'm hoping we can get back to some "normalcy" very soon.
I've almost got Avrianna's birth to 1 yr old scrap book done. WOW - I didn't think I'd like to scrapbook so must. It's a DEstresser for me I think. Where did ALL this time go, my baby girl is growing up. Then I'm going to start Danny's book. At least I'll have something more productive to do at the hospital now :)
I will keep you all posted !

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