Saturday, July 17, 2010


Danny hasn't had ANY pain meds since last night at 7pm. I can't believe it! What a ROCK STAR! And that's even with a bed bath, sitting up and transfering him into his chair. He is very comfortable sitting in his chair watching TV this morning. In rounds today I asked the golden question .... What NEEDS to happen for us to go home? The assumption from the hospitalist was Danny needed to be on his home feed regimen.....until I let him know that we've done TPN at home already. Then it was decided that his urine output needs to be better (we can cath at home but if he's not producing it, cathing won't do antyhing) and he needs to get cleaned out better (luckily this mornings enemia finally gave us some results). Danny's had 6 in the last 32 hours without good results, so it's a good thing that he's finally getting some of it out. Not that is was too impressive (as the KUB had shown him to be VERY packed), but it's a start. We can do enemia's at home so that's not as BIG of a deal as the urine production. They are wathcing his urine output this morning and if he continues to slow his production down he might have another round of albumin n lasix later today. They are going to consult with Dr John today to see what he feels is a "good" plan of attack for going home on.
I will keep you posted! Dan and Avrianna are coming down the visit today :) I can't wait to see them!

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