Thursday, July 15, 2010

Straight UP! Before n Afters

X ray showing Lower Lumbar curve and cath tip in the middle of his back BEFORE VEPTR

Xray showing the curve in lower's almost gone! View of lower rods of VEPTR

View of upper part of the VEPTR rods......he's so tall they can't get it all in one xray any longer

BEFORE surgery the right side of him was 43" and the left side was 45" tall. Now that his pelvis is more level he is ..................... 47.5" TALL. He is actually 47" on the right side but WOW that's a 4" gain on the one side and his sides only differ half an inch instead of two. HOLY MOLY!
Sitting up BEFORE the VEPTR ~ impressive curve

Sitting up 48 hrs AFTER the VEPTR ~ AMAZING!

Danny only gave PT this face for a few seconds and then sat up in bed for over 5 minutes. What a ROCK STAR!

Back views ~ they are going to change the dressings tomorrow so I'll have a better idea of what's going on under those bandages.
You can see a LARGE abcess looking bubble in the center of his back......this I'm being told is "ok" muscle swelling from the rods being threaded under the skin.
In true Danny form he has thrown a few curve balls our way. Unfortunately his belly n GI tract hasn't woken up from surgery so they are starting TPN tomorrow. This is something I was totally prepared for, but was hoping it wouldn't happen. His CRP levels (inflammation marker) is extremely elevated so along with the high heart rate, fever, and lack of urine he has the doctors on their toes to figure out what is going on internally. Welcome To MY World, LOL! This afternoon he went into a hour spell of retching, boy that is so hard to watch. He couldn't catch his breath, poor thing! He is resting peacefully right now:) So far all n all I'm very happy with the VEPTR results. We'll see what this evening and tomorrow brings our way. He's had a Great team of nurses taking care of him....I've even gotten out of the room this time here n there to grab something to eat. Boy does that make the stay here SO MUCH easier when we have good nursing care and not to mention consistent nursing care. We've had the same nurses every day n night. They are starting to get the "Danny" way :0)
I talked with Avrianna and she is having a GREAT time at Girl Scout Camp. Yesterday they did tie dye, to was pool day, and tonight she is sleeping over at the camp. Sounds like a FUN time! I can't wait to see her and give her BIG Hugs n Kisses.
I've been keeping myself busy here between chattn it up on FB (what a great outlet of support) and have about 1/3 of Danny's birth to 1 scrap book done. Everyone that stops in wants to see it :) I LOVE talking about my Lil Man!
Thanks for stopping to check on us!


Andrea said...

Been following you on FB and wanted to stop by here. He is looking great! Got to love those curve balls huh? Keep us informed of what is happening. Love the pictures!!! Sending you hugs!

Anonymous said...

Stunning X-rays! I can't believe the little rockstar is sitting up already .... way to go Danny !!!

Debi Walters said...

Wow he looks great!!! So glad things have been going well this time. I'll keep praying that his bumps in the road remain minor ones. Can't wait to see him in September!!
Debi Walters

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Wow - the before and after pictures of his back are AMAZING! Look at him sitting up ... he's a serious trooper. I hope he continues to heal well!