Thursday, June 6, 2013

Congratulations ~ Summer is HERE!

Now you wouldn't know it's Summer break with the weather we've been having the last week.  I had to turn the heat back on's JUNE, right?  It's been cold and raining.  It's odd that I have making pots of soup this time of year.  Last week was chili and today Smoked turkey dumplin Soup.


We hope that Mother Nature gets it out of her system and then .......

SUMMER will be here soon.

Yesterday was the LAST DAY of school for the kids.  No more elementary school for Avrianna.  She is officially on her way to middle school ~ EEK!!  Bring on 6th Grade at Horace Mann Middle School.  In Horace Mann this school will be filled with ONLY ALL the 6th Graders.  Then the next year they go to Shattuck for 7th n 8th.  I think it's pretty neat they will be able to have their own school and learn to adjust to moving every class and getting to know more kids, But the change of 3 schools n 3 years is all intimidating.  I'm sure Avrianna will do's just her MOM that has to get used to the ideas :)  Danny is now a 4th grader....

WOW ~ can we please just hit pause ??

Danny has been doing great!  Unfortunately he is started the summer of on the wrong foot as he has a UTI now.  I haven't see an improvement since the start of the antibiotics, but I'm still hopeful.  We are going to see Dr Kasper tomorrow and we'll see what he has to say.  Can you believe we haven't seen Dr Kasper since January?  I don't think we have ever gone a stretch that long.  With this UTI his dysautonomic storms are kicking his butt.  I hope we can get his system calmed down soon and he can start to enjoy the summer vacation!!

Avrianna's first and last day of 5th grade~ Jammie Day for the last day :)
Waiting on the Front door for Avrianna to come home!

 The last week of school for Avrianna was FUN TIMES ~  Here she is at the 5th grade Graduation breakfast on Tuesday Morning.  Myself and a few other mom's helped put on the spread for them.  This years theme was "Lakeview is a Treasure, but there is More Gold to Find"  So the decorations were done up with pirates and treasure boxes.
 The Class of 2020!
I am very proud of Avrianna's hard work and accomplishments.....she received many awards at the ceremony.  WAY TO GO !!  After the ceremony I handed out the yearbooks...they turned out great!  Considering I have never done anything like that when I was in school and I got no help from the other parents....I was pretty impressed with myself :)
 I surprised her with a Graduation Cake that night after dinner :)
Monday I chaperoned on a field trip to Bay Beach Amusement Park.  I was a great day to go...not too hot, not too cold, and it didn't rain!!
Getting ready to ride the Zippen Pippen roller coaster
 This ride was relocated here ~ it was located in Memphis and was claimed to be Elvis Presley's favorite ride.  I like it myself :)
 Yeap that's Avrianna in the front row with her hands up!!

After the 5th Grade Breakfast I treated myself and got an new Tattoo done by Jake at Wicked Ink.  I absolutely LOVE his work.  I had an old tattoo and the scar from where the skin cancer was removed covered up.  AMAZING!!

We are anxiously awaiting for our new handicap accessible RV to arrive.  It is completed and now sitting at the dealership....we now just have to have it delivered.  I can't wait to have our first vacation in there.  It should make our vacations alot less stressful and alot more safe.   Happy Travels!!