Friday, July 30, 2010

What We've Been Up Too

Sorry for the lack of updates but this last week has been a busy one for the Osero household.
Avrianna has been very busy hanging out in the basement in her blanket forts IF she's not swimming in the pool. I swear that girl is going to grow gills, LOL. She's decided to do swim again this winter n fall with The Wave Swim Team. It's alot of work and running around but I'm glad she's found something that she enjoys to do. Her piano lessons have really paid off.....Dan and Avrianna will sit at the computer and play together .... I LOVE IT! She's becoming a great musician :) School is just around the corner, WOW I have a 3rd grader. Boy do I feel old, LOL. We are done shopping and labeling the school supplies. She's all ready and thankfully she's still eager to go back to school :) This weekend is super Birthday party busy for her. Avrianna has a sleep over birthday party to be at tonight and then I pick her up to take her to another birthday party on Saturday afternoon. WOW, can you say OVER tired when she gets home....YIKES!
Our newest visitors to our home ...... twin fawns and their Momma :) I heard it's rare to see twins so we're very excited they like to play around in our yard for us to admire them. They are so fun to watch as they prance around :)Unfortunately Danny has still been in alot of discomfort this week. Another reason why I haven't had alot of computer time this week. This is after his nurse gave him his first shower......... he was NOT thrilled. Way to go Gail!! LOL BUT we all are happy he got a shower and smells ohhhhh sooooo MUCH BETTER :) Sorry Lil Man it HAD to be done!It's always comforting to know that he's in the best care ...... with his "girls" ~ WE LOVE YOU!! I don't know what we'd do without you in our family :)
Nurse AleanaNurse GailHe's been tolerating his chair more n more as the week goes on, YIPEE!! BUT as you can see he's VERY cushioned when he's in it. All the steary strips are off!! His incisions are already scared over. It's amazing how fast his body healed with this surgery.3 wks Post Op Xrays ~ Danny went from a 83 degree lower lumbar to a 36 degree bend. Wow that's OVER half of the correction, which we had hoped for. BUT now it's noticed that tweaking the lower has given him another curve in the middle of 25 degrees. So if you were to subtract the to two curves he's really only curved 11 degrees. WOW WOW! The doctors were pleasantly surprised that his hardware is all in place because of his levels of discomfort the last week it was on there mind that something might have happened.The lateral view ~ 3 wks post op Xrays.....I still can't get over how straight he is. WOW!! Look how nice and flat the puck for the ITB sits in his abdomen now :)Danny's hip showing it is more subluxed BUT not totally dislocated yet ~ not sure if that is good remark or not
The other issues that I was made aware of during our post op visit is that the pelvis hardware could be irritating Danny sciatic nerve....oh great! So this could be the source of discomfort too. PT has started back on so I'm hoping they can work him over and stretch him out, LOL. Danny is continuing to increase his formula regimen....and decrease the TPN nutrition. The "plan" is that he will be off TPN by Monday. WOW ~ I'll take is as the last surgery/illness had him on TPN for almost 5 months. The drive down to CHOW wasn't as bad has I had anticipated it to go, thanks goodness. Mind you he was heavily medicated, but still I had planned for the worst and was pleasantly impressed when he did so WELL. What a ROCK STAR!!
Despite an awful migraine I woke up too on Thursday .... I still was productive :) I had told Danny's nurse that I would make a cake for her daughters birthday. She's a Harry Potter fan and wanted a cake of The Monster Book. I'm not educated with the Harry Potter stuff so I'm hoping this protrays everything correctly. Happy Birthday Alexa!!


Karen said...

Your are so talented. I always make my kids B-day cakes but never look that nice. Some day I would love to take a cake decorating class but I don't see that in the near future.

Andrea said...

He looks like he is doing so good after surgery. You have been a busy woman! :) Love the cake! I think you did a great job.