Sunday, August 1, 2010

VEPTR issue

The never ending roller coaster of Danny's life has taken another curve. Late yesterday afternoon Danny was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. When I went to reposition him I had noticed a new unfamiliar bump around his left pelvis area. I had rolled him over to check it out and there is a bruise with a part of the hardware poking at his skin at the incision site by his left pelvis. I called Dr Kasper to see what I should do as by this time he was in a rolling crocodile tear cry. Thankfully he was home and came over to our house to check Danny out. The theory is that the left side lower hardware has slide laterally which is causing the "hook" to be very close to the skin. Our worry is that it may poke through his skin causing not only extreme pain BUT can be a major site for infection directly to the hardware. I've been in contact with Dr Kasper and Dr Tassone this morning about our options, as of course it is a weekend, so it's not a quick easy fix ~ sigh! I will be taking Danny back down to CHOW either today or tomorrow to have xrays done (as they are the only way we can know for sure what going on inside) and possibly have his VEPTR repaired. I am packed and ready to go, we/re just waiting for the green lite as to where and when they want us to get there. I will keep you all posted with the Danny news!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Oh no! Poor Danny. I hope the repair is easy and he is out of pain soon.