Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Year Ago

I just wanted to do a quick update this morning. We have alot to do today so I'm sure I'll be updating again later today.
One year ago today we ended one of the longest and scariest hospital stays ever...Danny's 70 day stretch do to respiratory failure resulting in a "code blue" and having to be trached days later. Amongst a slew of things that went on while he was in the hospital. BUT 365 days ago I was able to bring my Lil Man home to start he new journey living with a trache and home nursing. To say the least I was sceptical, nervous, excited and scared on how things were to be played out. I brought him home to a new and improved home built to suit ALL of Danny's needs now and for the future. It was a NEW look on life all around, and ALL for the better. Danny is doing wonderful with this trache, I absolutely LOVE his home nurses ~I don't even consider them nurses anymore they are part of our family :), and the house is everything I wanted it to be for him. Words can not express how lucky we are.
BUT in true Danny form he is keeping the excitement alive on this anniversary. He woke up this morning breathing alil faster with a low grade temp...there is green goo coming out of his RED right eye and right ear. YUCK! We already had appts scheduled today so that's good that we don't have to "fit" him in anywhere. It is bad to say BUT I'm hoping this is the trigger for his discomfort for the last few days and not a hardware thing. It's never good to want your child to be ill but this would the lesser of two evils.
At noon we have to be in Green Bay to see Danny's long lost and very missed Neurologist. He has been furthering his education and put his practice on hold for the last year. Boy what a year for him to be gone in our lives....I hope they penciled in more then normal time for us as we have ALOT of catching up to do. LOL ~ I can't wait to see him again....he's an awesome doctor! Even though he's been "gone" he's still kept in contact with Dr Kasper and they have been talking about Danny's health the last year so he has a good idea of what's been going on in the life of Danny.
Then at 4:15 we have a doctors appt with Dr Kasper for Labs, xrays, and a visit. This was already schedule as we were going to start to find the mystery pain trigger that has made Lil Man uncomfortable for the last few days. I'm hoping we'll have a better outlook on what's going on with Danny after his appt today.
Cross your fingers it is indeed just an illness/infection and NOT another back hardware thing. I will keep you posted !

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I hope it's just an infection that easily cleared, and not a hardware issue! I know it seems weird to hope for an ear infection or something, but when the other options are worse, it's what we do. :)

What a year, and what a busy day you have today!