Saturday, August 21, 2010

We Are Here

Boy has the time slipped away from us :) So I have some of updating to do.

We had Whitney, cousin from Tomahawk, over for additional week and we had a BLAST with her here. I surprised the girls and took them to Noah's Ark last Thursday. I told them we were running errands for the day BUT when we ended up in Wisconsin Dells the over 2 hour ride wasn't so bad, lol. I was alil nervous about the rides, as I know I'm not as young as I used to be plus both girls had NEVER been on a water slide before. Of course they picked one of the biggest ones to go on first....they were very quiet while waiting in line going up multiple flights of stairs and then they had to tell me, when we were almost to the top, that they had butterflies in their tummies. I could tell they were nervous, heehee, and the noises they made going down the dark tunneled drop to now where confirmed they weren't too sure.....UNTIL it was over the they BOTH yelled out "THAT WAS AWESOME". Right there and then I I knew I was in trouble, YIKES! We ended up going on ALL but 3 of the rides and we had the best time. Thankfully the girls didn't make the weight requirement for the looped water slide, and they weren't into the two that were straight drops......phew ~ I will live to see another day, LOL. Dan and Danny bonded for the day while us girls played :)
The next day we had the neighbor kids over for a sleep over so we ended up having 5 kids in the house that night. The more the merrier I always say!! Luckily they weren't night owls that evening. I put a movie in around 9:30 for them and when I checked on them at 10:15 everyone was out.
On Tuesday Danny, his nurse, and I went down to CHOW for trache/vent clinic and post op from the VEPTR revision. The whole day went well for Danny. He was a trooper for the road trip and he gets GOLD stars for all the appts. I love having great appts, but on the other hand it's alot of work to get him there early in the morning for them to say he is great no changes need to be done. After his appt we went to the The Cheesecake Factory, oh yah it was soooo yummy :0).
Wednesday was Danny's last day of TPN, Yahoo! His gut is tolerating G-tube feeds once again and he's having BM's all on his own. He's not back to what he used to be but he's doing well, baby steps. So after the labs I took on Thursday came back all looking well his nurse Friday pulled the PICC line. Even though the PICC is the best thing for him to have for blood draws and quick intervention is was wonderful to pull it BEFORE an infection started. Unfortunately yesterday afternoon he started the tears and holding his breath when crying so I've upped his pain meds and have an email into his doc. Of course this all happens once again on a weekend but of all things the day after we pull the PICC line. I'm just sick to my stomach wondering if it's another hardware issue. GOD I hope not...I don't think he'll be having the hardware in for long if it is. We can NOT go through another hardware mishap/failure. We'll see what happens in the next few days and I'll keep you updated.
When we got home from the day hanging out at CHOW, to my surprise, the second photo shoot we'd done with Nicci at Little Foot Photography was in the mail. I opened it up immediately and I'm SO happy with the pictures this time around. They are AMAZING! I already have my portrait on order. I can't wait to put it up on the wall. Here are my favorites ~
True LOVE ~ BFF's
Her eyes are stunning ~ she's SO beautiful
Are there any words for this? I just cried!I will post more later as this computer isn't liking the idea of downloading pictures.
I've been dealing with a headache and some spasticity issues the last week which have been oh so much fun to function with, Grrrrr. But I'm trying to keep on keeping on with it and not let it drag me down too much. I have a Neuro appt in two weeks so I'll address it with her then and see what she has say about any relief. I'm not sure if it's a MS thing or my thyroid acting up as the symptoms I'm having can be connected with either. This is frustrating!
Unfortunately my computer died on just went blank one day while working on it. So today I'm heading out to get a replacement. Until then I've been working on Dan's antique, LOL. It gets the job done but VERY SLOWLY, heehee.
I can't believe school is right around the corner (first day is the 1st of Sept.), but we, ok I am, so ready to get back into the swing of things. I am a proud mother of a Third and First grader, OMG where has the time gone. Both kids are registered and ready for the first day of school. Danny will continue to be "homebound" status, so that means the teacher and therapist will be coming to the house to work with him once a week. I can't wait to see them all again and show off how BIG Danny has gotten over the summer. I was hoping to have Lil Man start right away BUT with the new on set of pain I'm not too sure what is going to happen.
The garden continues to spit out ALOT of veggies ~ We've already pickled about 25 quarts of cucumbers and given so many I can tell you we are NOT planting those next year, LOL. The corn is doing great, but we had a nasty wind storm 2 days ago that knocked it all over so I hope they haven't gotten ruined. I haven't gone out to the garden much as with all the rain it's a mucky mess and with the amount of mosquitoes around here, there's no way! Yeap I'm a wimp and not fan of them, LOL. So Dan has been the sole gardener.
The ABC show Extreme Home Makeover has been in our little town of Neenah, for the last week making an extreme home for a family here. It's AMAZING to see what happens when doing these homes, and how extreme the homes get from start to finish in a matter of only 7 days. Wow ~ the buzz was on in Neenah :) I can't wait to see what was filmed for the TV part of the show.
This week we have Dan's Dad and Claudia coming down to visit for a few days. Dan and his Dad have a conference
Thanks for stopping by to check on us ~ I hope to be more on the ball with my updates. I'm sure once school starts and I have more of "ME" time I will get back to posting more often :)

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