Monday, August 2, 2010

Hook on the loose!

For those of you that haven't followed me on Facebook's all the went on today at CHOW for Danny's xrays. Despite me hitting the snooze button multiple times this morning Danny and I were on the road just after 7:30 this morning. We got to CHOW about 9am which wasn't too bad of timing seeing we once again got stuck on Hwy 45 just coming into Milwaukee due to an accident involving a semi clipping a car and sending the car off into the median. Of course we happen on it as the rescue teams are getting there. UGh~ maybe I should have stayed in bed.
Once we got to CHOW we went directly to ortho and surprisingly the front desk knew that Danny was going to be showing up sometime day. We checked in and went over to xray, it's so nice ortho has their own xray team. Danny was a champ, he even let me take him out of his chair and sit him up for the xray without too much grief. Have I told you how much of a rock star he is? Not only did he do that, but his "wonderful" mother pulled his PICC line out about an inch during the transition, with not so much as a flinch from him. Can you say OVERWHELMED at this point? All I could do is sit n cry, I feel awful. I know it didn't phase him any, but it's the point that I did it. UGH!!!!!! At this point the ortho surgeon walks in and tries to make light of my PICC line situation by stating no worries he has to go into the OR anyways, as the hook has slid off his pelvis, so they can fix the line when he's in there.
So as you ALL know I have a picture fetish so ...... here's the images from last week. You can see the hook sitting on his left pelvis (to the right~ opposite the pump)
Here's this mornings xray showing it NOT on the pelvis and from the look of it .... it looks as if it's poking out of the skin. But don't worry it never poked out
After talking with Dr Tassone I didn't know what to think.....
Part of me wondered if maybe I should have brought him in on Saturday, but I really thought that the chances of it being totally off the hip were slim. I should have known better this is DANNY were talking about here.
Then I was happy that his pain was "justifiable" and that I wasn't just thinking loosing my mind.
BUT I really was hoping that my gut feeling was wrong and the doc would look at the films and tell me everything was fine go back home.
We were admitted to Room #414 the direct line is (414) 337-8104. Of course the ICU floor, this is always the case as he is trached and trached kiddos don't go to the general floor.
Danny was wheeled down to OR at 2:15. It's just amazing how the doctor had a FULL day of appointments in the clinic but was able to squeese not only our visit and xrays this morning but a 3 hr surgery. Danny has got some "PULL" around here I'll tell ya, LOL. When he went down I finally got some lunch with a friend. I was starving! By this time I could have eaten the butt of a skunk and been content with it. Now that is hungry, LOL.
Once the surgery was over with Dr Tassone came out to talk with me. He was "impressed" (not in a good way) how far off the left hardware was. The million dollars question is going to be "How did he do that?". He corrected the left side, but unfortunately he needed to reopen both the top n bottom incicions back up on the left side to correct it. Then he reopened the right lower incision as make sure nothing was tweeked on that side. Everyting was in it's place on the right BUT........he needed to grow out the rod already. Which means he grew a significant amount in the 3 weeks. So the theory is that his back has not only relaxed so much BUT he also grew in the last 3 weeks. UGH!! Will someone please tell Danny is only six and he should stay smaller for just alil while longer.
So now we are back to square one with recovery, with EVERYTHING! TPN is back up running full tilt so we can start over with ramping back off that and start the g tube feedings once we here bowel sounds. Danny's tummy is VERY hard in distented this time around, sigh. So the peeing might also be on issues along with the lack bowel sounds. He is in ALOT of pain this time around. Another BIG bummer!!!!
I'm not sure what "the plan" is for us. But I'm hoping it's just a couple day visit and we're out of here, but time (or should I say Danny) will tell. I will keep you all posted.
Thankf for checking in on and supporting us!

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ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Oh man ... poor Danny! I am sorry that everything had to be reopened and redone. I hope they can get his pain managed well and you guys can head home soon, to put this all behind you!