Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bag full of Tricks

Well it's almost 1am here and lil man is resting. What a long day .... but the night seems to be even longer. Even though he is sleeping, he is sleeping too sound. He is being a stinker, I'm starting to wonder if it is just me. I had to leave briefly (yeah I know I left him, something I try VERY hard not to do, but they are AWESOME here.....highly recommend coming if you're in the Fort Myers FL area) to go get his bipap machine and mask because he wasn't doing well with the hospital one at all. While I was gone the nurse sat with him, he was on 5 lt of oxygen and holding his stats about 95 he was such a good boy. Then I get back, and here we go again.....he has his bipap on and now he is up too 6 lt of oxygen with only stats of 92. What a lil twerp!!
Well this morning Danny wasn't his best so I decided to bring him in for xrays. Of course we had to go to the ER to have them done, but I figured in and out no problem............NOT!! Danny got so bad, and of course it was in the van on the way to ER, his stats dropped to 75 for about 5 minutes. Let me tell you his color at 75.....not pretty at ALL! Even though blue is his favorite color it really doesn't work well for his skin tone. He is just so JUNKY, again it sounds like he is drowning in his own spit. Once we walked into ER Danny got a DO NOT PASS GO ticket right into a room, so that was nice. The xrays still show nothing too significant, WAY TO GO! So we are ALL stumped at why he is so wet and not holding his stats anymore. I am constantly suctioning him! Danny had an episode in the ER room (destated) and let me tell you do nurses and docs FLY in the room. That bought Danny a ticket upstairs....and none the less to ICU. So after spending 10 hours in ER we are now in a room. His blood work looks good too so no infection as of yet either. They did say his right ear no longer has a tube in and the drum has burst...NOT GOOD! Danny is VERY cold and has a VERY low heart rate, yeah I know SO NOT Danny. Again we are stumped with what he has or what is happening. They have this awesome air blanket on him right now to warm him up...I would like to crawl right in with him....but would rather spend my time laying on this wonderful couch they call a bed, LOL.
Well the is it in a nut shell. Thanks for following us. Keep Danny in your thoughts! He needs it right now. Oh yeah ~ don't worry my grandparents are still down here so Avrianna is hanging out with them getting spoiled ROTTEN, Yahoo. That is awesome ~ Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear Danny's not doing so great.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

Angoraknitter said...

I'm so sorry to hear he's having a tough time. I pray that respiratory track starts to clear up soon!