Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ER visit, ARGH!

Last night Danny took a turn for the worse....go figure! So this morning I took him into see his pediatrician here....that visit took about 10 minutes and we were on the way to Children's Hospital ER, sigh. He is having a real hard time breathing with his secretions. Everyone that listened to him breath was hearing fluid in his lungs and wheezing in his chest. Plus BOTH ears have puss in them...great! So the antibiotics that has given him NASTY diarrhea seems to have not fought off the ear infection in the right ear, but allowed it to grow in the left ear too, YUCK. So off to ER for tests and xrays. They were able to get an IV in 6 attempts (they even brought out a vein finder...I've never seen one before). They did a bunch of blood tests, which all came out ok. And don't forget the Xray.....that to didn't look TOO bad, to EVERYONE'S surprise. But still he is having ALOT of troubles breathing. While we were waiting to be admitted the doctor came down and said the floor was FULL of kiddos with RSV, influenza, and pneumonia so there was going to be a wait to go upstairs and it would pretty much guarantee a longer stay (as they knew how Danny likes to catch bugs). So we've decided to take Danny home, have ER on stand by, and we are going to see the pediatrician again tomorrow am. So after 8 hours of dealing with Doctors today I have a headache and I am starving. I am going to crack a wine cooler, eat some pizza, and have a nice relaxing (I hope) time with my sister and her familyat home. I missed being able to send Dan off....so that was VERY disappointing and sad! Danny and I didn't get to say good bye, sigh! Never a dull moment around here I guess....we've just realized that $#!T HAPPENS!!!!!!! We'll MISS you DADDY, LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

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