Sunday, March 29, 2009


We tired her out!!!
Well Nanny is here and the shopping as began....heehee! Today was the first day of rain in over a month, you know it's bad when the palm trees are starting to die. So what else to do but, shop oh and eat. I did most of the spending today, sorry Dan :)! We are enjoying our time with Nanny alot, Danny has her wrap around his lil finger and Avrianna doesn't let her out of her sight. We've been playing the game domino's every night after dinner and FINALLY Nanny won tonight, yippee :). Not too much to report.... Danny is doing well, still have some pain with the ankle but it does seem to be getting better. Avrianna is wore out every night, being so excited to hang out with Nanny. I am enjoying having adult conversations once again. On Wednesday night my Aunt and Uncle fly in and they will be here for 10 days, so more people Avrianna can pester, heehee. Thursday is my Grandmothers birthday, we are going to have a lil party for her, grilln steaks, and I am making a cake. It will be nice for her to have both of her daughters here on her BIG day, she'll be 76. Tomorrow speech therapy will be here in the morning then off to the pool we go. I finally got Danny in the pool on Friday for the first time since being here....with him being so sick and then having the diarrhea for so long being on those antibiotics I didn't want to take any chances, he enjoyed the pool time ALOT. We were in there for over an hour and then he took a 2 hour nap, the pool always knocks him out. I heard up north is enjoying more snow....don't you know it's spring?!? Thinking of you all ~ Take care.

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