Monday, March 16, 2009


Ok I knew I should have gone back to bed and started this day over again or just stayed in bed till it was over with. The last post from this morning was a good one that we were cleared from the Pulm doctor and the awaiting to hear from the ICU doctor. Well he popped his head in at the most WORST time ever. We had just given Danny a bath and got him in his chair. We must have jarred some goo out and he wasn't holding his stats well (again destating around here is 92, sigh) so when the doctor was chatting with me the whole time lil man was at 88-90 and monitors where going off, OMG this is NOT happening to us. So he ordered oxygen stat...mind you Danny just got a bath, moved to his chair, and has been fighting sleep since 3am, so the doctor thought it a good thing if we stayed so they can "monitor" him. Plus they want to get a Neuro on board down here and possibly have an EEG done.....If Danny wasn't so damn cute and smelling good I'd paddle his butt right now,lol. So I've been calling his ped Dr. Kasper and his neuro Dr Edgar up in Wisconsin for them to free me from here. I have given them both the ICU doctors # so they can talk to him and let him know it's ok we can go home. I am capable and VERY WILLING to get out of here. I know that Dr Kasper has already talked with the doctor down here and helped plead my case but he is hell bent on talking to Dr Edgar. They are concerned with the seizure because it isn't Danny's normal one.....ok again he is sick, he is in precocious puberty, and I'm not afraid of them. Yes they suck to watch and you wish you could take it away, but this is our life, BE PREPARED! Which I am. I have all the equipment and all the meds that he needs at home...I can monitor him there, plus I do know how to dial 911 if things should get bad. Avrianna's friend went to Disney today so the phone has been ringing!! Tears and all she is pulling out all the guilt trips so I WILL be going home TODAY....... OK Dan these are SO YOUR KIDS!!! LOL. Of course the ICU doctor started rounds after he popped his head in ... at the other end of the floor so I won't see him for awhile yet. I hope we get out of here before dinner!

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