Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ups & Downs

Last night I managed to get out and have alil fun. My sister watched Danny for me, after dinner, and the kids, myself, and Ryan went miniature golfing. Danny was a very good boy for his Auntie and the rest of us had a blast. It was nice to step away from the caos around here if only for a hour. Then we came back home sat around and chit chatted....with a few cocktails, LOL. By the end of the night the adults were in a Happy place, not drunk, just feeling giddy. We got in this laughing spell doing a questionnaire on Facebook and my ribs are still hurting this morning. I haven't laughed like that in a long time.....THANKS!
Last night around 1am Danny wasn't holding his stats up at all....I cranked the O2 up to 5 and he still sat anywhere around 84-91 so it's not impressive AT ALL. This morning while awake his stats are 88-94 so not too bad, but not good either. He is back to being very junky and with VERY THICK mucus today. I'm debating on bring him into the ER again for just another Xray to see how things look. I want to be on the safe side! My sisters family took Avrianna to the beach today so it's just me and lil man. One last beach effort as they are leaving tomorrow morning heading back to the frozen tundra. I would like to say it is going to be peaceful here today but............
I am going to put him in a Vapor steam shower and then lather him up in vapor rub. Then we'll see how well he is doing before I make any ER decisions. Today marks the 3 day Danny has decided NOT to pee on his own, so I have had to cath him too. He is pulling out all the cards on this one, let me tell you! BRING IT ON lil man, BRING IT ON!!! LOL

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