Monday, March 16, 2009


So I could never understand why they set the the monitors to alarm as they do nothing about it anyway. It is 5am and we've been up for about 2 hours already. Danny's monitors have been going off for the weirdest thing tonight, with no reaction from the nurses, so they let them just go off in the room. And they can't understand why we are awake already? Let see .... an ungodly beeping going off over and over again, hmmm? Really you can't figure it out? Don't put the damn things on if you are going to let the just go off!!!! Then they have the oxygen stats to alarm at 92, are you serious? Ours at home are set to go off at 88 and that goes off once or twice a night, so take a guess how many times it has tonight/this morning. I am tired and emotionally exhausted! Can you tell..... I am going to hop in the shower now in hopes that the doctors will round in the am and we can break out of here. Wishful thinking, yes I know. No more seizures from lil man last night but the congestion is still there and strong, so I am praying they still let us go. I woke up this morning at 3am with a splitting headache and that is NOT helping my attitude....hoping the shower can make things all better and wipe my slate clean this morning. It isn't starting on a good note, AWE NUTS! If you haven't read last nights post of excitement, please enjoy.

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Angoraknitter said...

I hear ya! I disarmed most of the alarms when I was in the hospital this summer. And I silence those stupid IV pumps too...and paused them from time to time.

Than again, I can do that to my own stuff...suppose they'd get antsy if I did that with the kids. When the call bell didn't work...or I didn't feel like using it, I'd just go hunt down the nurse myself.

There's a legit sycosis that can kick in after a few days in the ICU...those bells really can drive people nuts. And the lack of sleep is part of the problem. I hate hopsital time, I hope you're out of there soon!