Thursday, March 12, 2009


Danny is still VERY WET in his lungs! I have not heard from the Pulm doctor yet. Danny is holding his own though. He is having issues still with holding his temps up so once again he has a warming blanket on. I cranked the heat in the room too :) He was at 99 and went back down to 94 pretty fast. I'm not sure why this is happening...he has been having cold temps since his surgery and this is all new to me. I love this warming blanket it is so cool, well HOT, heehee.
I will keep you updated. Avrianna is on her way to come and visit so we are excited to see her.
Danny received this Web Well Wish card from his BFF Griffin, it is so neat. I thought I would share the site.... you can fill out this form with (Danny Osero room#2907 and at the Children's Hospital of SW Florida) and alil note or well wish from yourself and they print it out downstairs and deliver it to his room. So if interested in sending Danny something send him a well wish. They are pretty cool.
Thanks again for following us and your kind words. Your support is wonderful!

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