Friday, March 6, 2009

Broken Hearted

Miss YOU!!!! After my sister's family left this afternoon I found her in the corner of her room.....poor thing. She is just devastated. Everything is coming to a head this afternoon. Now that she can sit back and relax it all poured out. "First I lost my dad and now my cousins." I had to reassure her she didn't "lose" anyone, they are just going home. And that the time will fly by before she knows it her dad will be back then we will be heading back too. She is crushed!! This week I believe one of her seasonal friends will be here visiting her grandparents so Avrianna should be smiling again soon.
I got the beds stripped, the laundry done, washed the rugs, washed the floors, and both bathrooms are scrubbed. Whoooo, now I'm exhausted. The kids and I watched the movie Camp Rock and ate ice cream with extra Carmel on top this evening. We all were tired so our heads won't have a problem hitting the pillow tonight.
We are going to lay low this weekend, but on Monday the routine starts back up. Danny has Speech on Monday, Wednesday the AT therapist will be here, and Friday is the teacher with I believe PT. Avrianna has to get cracking on the school books (she had a 2 week vacation) so I know there is going to be some resistance till we get back to normal. Then on Thursday she has gymnastics. Yeap we are always busy doing something.....but I like it like that!
Today was a nice day here.....almost back to normal was in the high 70's. The last week it was cooler for temps around here, about low 60's and even has gotten to the low 40's at night. I LOVE it! I've slept with the bedroom window open since I've been here, but you can so tell who the true Floridians are....they are out with winter coats on (do they really sell them here) or multiple layers. Then you have me walking around in shorts and t-shirts.....they don't know what cold is.
Danny did AWESOME today! You wouldn't have even known he was SO sick the last week, if you saw him today. I am so happy, but scared it's the calm before the storm.....yea you know what I mean, Danny likes to throw curve balls and surprise attacks! The thought is he possibly had RSV, again, really....if so then he will have gotten it EVERY year of his life. The first two years it almost took his life, but the last 3 have just set him back alil. I think he does better with it every year.....or maybe I just do, whatever the case may be at least this year we can chalk it up.....DONE! I thought I came here to get away from that crap!!

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Bork family said...

Poor Avrianna! It's OK sweetie, you will see everyone again real soon. Have fun while you are down there!