Monday, March 16, 2009


Our walking papers are in the works. The doctor came in and he spoke with Dr Edgar.....I LOVE Danny's Neuro Dr Edgar and his Ped Dr Kasper we are states apart and they still pull through for my lil man!!! I don't know what I would do with out them being my son's doctors. They worked out a plan together and we are OUT of HERE. I just need the prescriptions and a couple extra machines and we will be leaving. What a load off of my shoulders, as I was more worried about Avrianan then Danny...really that's how silly the last 24 hours have been, with them making all this a big deal. I miss Avrianna so much! Danny and I can't wait to hang out with her tonight. Movies, Ice Cream, my own bed, with BOTH my kids.....Now that makes me one Happy Momma. Thank You Dr Edgar& Dr Kasper for the PUSH they needed. I owe you guys cookies!! I need to increase his seizure meds and give Dr Edgar a call in a couple days. Danny already has an appt with his pediatrician down here on Wednesday morning so he will be assessed again in a couple days.
Ok I hope I am done posting for the day.....well maybe I might tonight yet to let you all know how he is doing, we'll see...tomorrow for sure. I just wanted to THANK YOU all for you support. Danny got another dozen Web Well Wishes this morning....I am going to save them a hang them up at home. Another bridge in our journey as been crossed I am hoping we are on a smooth straight country road for near future. Again Thanks blog family I got through it once again.....with a lil help from you!

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