Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reading Festival

Today we went into Fort Myers and went to a Reading Festival. It was a nice time, the weather was great, and we got a few good books.
"Mom can we GO NOW!"Pictures courtesy of Avrianna ~ thanks're great with the camera! She wanted my picture on here too, ugh :)
You take it yet?We washed the van this afternoon too.....OMG ~ STOP IT, You'll grow up fast enough, lol. She looks like a natural. Don't worry Nanny it was just for the picture, she didn't drive! Danny enjoyed sitting in the front seat and checking everything out....look no wheelchair, yes Nanny he sat in the front, but we didn't go anywhere, heehee. He looks like such a BIG boy sitting there.So not too much to report but I like these days, and the kids are healthy so I can't really complain!! We are off to the couch to snuggle and watch a movie together. Take care

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