Monday, March 30, 2009


Ms Kristi...................Look familiar?Today in Speech Danny did ABSOLUTELY nothing. He didn't play with any toys, respond to commands, or acknowledge our existence even. What a was worse then any of your visits Ms Kristi, LOL. He DID shut his eyes and ignore...well he has the male reaction down pat just fine, heehee. He is so not on his game today, I hope it's just cuz he is tired and not that he is brewing something. Chicken Elmo didn't even spark his interest, which it usually does (Aunt Bonnie if you still have yours Danny would like to play with it too).
The Cheery outfit didn't rub off on him that is for sure! :) But boy he is cute....I'm partial though. (yes he sleeps with his eyes open once in awhile, yuck, freaks me out sometimes)

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