Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thoughts & Prayers Needed

Ok this is going to be a quick update but with alot to say.....first off we are suppose to be off to the Circus in 30 minutes...and lil man is still sleeping. He slept through the night, was up for about an hour this morning, and now still out like a light. Keep your fingers crossed he's not brewing something. I am praying this isn't a relapse of this is brutal.
With that said:
Here is my list of sick kiddos that really could use some of you prayer warriors out there......
Ryan Prindle ~ Just found out full of infection and will be at hospital for about 3 weeks, at least
Cody Pizzela ~ after being if Florida for vacation came down with a virus in hospital for 3 weeks now and just reintubated last night
Matt Eakins ~ went to ER this morning with Respiratory crap and now being transported to Children's St Louis
Melina Cunningham ~ wings were granted after a long fight of respiratory crap and infections
Moriah Nelson ~ fighting an undiscovered infection and going for Nuclear testing and biopsy today to see if they can find the source

Please take a moment and stop by their sites! Keep them in your thoughts! These kids are so strong they always amaze me with there strength, but alil help never hurts. They have a special place in my for some, I've never had the pleasure to meet in person, that's how amazing they are! Thanks
I will post pictures of our circus experience this afternoon. Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple days but really there was nothing to's all good!

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