Friday, March 13, 2009

Red in the face

Here is his wall of WEB WELL WISHES ~ Thanks to all of you for your kind words and support. Danny loves listening to me read them before they go on the wall infront of his bed, so he can look at them!Finally resting peacefully! Then they came in and put Mr Jiggles on him and to do his breathing treatments....he's NOT sleeping now. I think he is going t sleep for a week once we get home to catch up. They come in and do their thing every 3 hours sleeping or not. Thanks for the balloons Griff, Danny misses you.Close ~up of my lil manAn even closer up ~ notice his poor red cheeks...ok red face!This afternoon Danny had a visit from two clowns, Chucky and Karen. Danny wasn't too sure about them....they were talking silly and asking him things. One question was if Danny ever saw a circus...I replied no, but we tried to see The Sarasota Circus last year when they were in town but they couldn't accommodate us. If you remember last year I tried to go but in the handicap section they only allow the wheelchair and another person, so they said I had to have Avrianna sit by herself in the next section, NOT! So I told the clowns that and let them know that we didn't go because of it. Then Chucky became very apologetic and said no that's not right....I'll make it right. Well come to find out these clowns weren't your everyday clowns...they were the clowns in the Sarasota Circus. So he gave me his card and wrote on the back of it....told me to show up at the tent, have them call him, and he'll take care of us. WOW ~ Thank You Chucky....there are still good "clowns" around. Now I just hope I can get lil man out of here in time so we can go! As they were leaving and saying their good byes Danny turned his head looked at them and gave them both the BIGGEST SMILE :) I know Danny knows what going on around him ... HE KNOWS!
Danny also had a visit from Ms Becky too....she was so nice to come and stay with Danny while I went home to get some more clothes and visit with Avrianna. Unfortunately I got stuck in some traffic so I was gone longer then I had anticiapted, but it was still nice to get out. Thanks Becky you are a good friend. Once I unpacked my to go bag and then repacked it again I stopped by my grandparents. Avrianna was gone visiting with her friend so I went down to see them. I chatted briefly with her family.....we met them last year and they touched my heart. Avrianna's friend has two brothers and one of them having Downs. The mom and I contacted immediately and the oldest son just wow'd me with his comfort level and interest into Danny. This family ROCKS! I hope we get out of here so I can get together with them myself ....have a few glasses of wine and chit chat before they leave to go back home. Ok back to where I was going with this, sorry. Avrianna and I went mini golfing and had a blast together. She is such a good girl while Danny is sick, but who wouldn't when you are getting spoiled rotten all day. Well right now I'm not too worried with her as the next couple days she is going to be busy hanging out and playing with her friend.
Here's my student....doing her homework in bed, LOL, this is Wednesday morning right before I took Danny into ER. Had to post a picture of her too.

Thanks again for taking time out of your day to follow our journey, and what an adventure it has been lately. Take care! There has been no word of discharge as of yet...I am hoping Danny gets better and the word comes about tomorrow sometime. At least a time frame of when.

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