Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Still Home!

Today Danny had a follow up appt with his Ped down here. She said he looks GREAT, but still doesn't sound too hot. We are going to stay home and continue cares here, she agrees that I can take care of him at home seeing we have all the equipment. YEA!! If he can't hold his stats well with the bipap and oxygen or if more seizures pop up then I have agreed to bring him back to the hospital. In the office Danny held his stats at 96 with room air...way to GO buddy, but I know all to well how fast that can change so I'm on guard. I am to bring him in to see the doctor once a week just for a check up so she can see how he is doing. Boy are we so lucky to have awesome doctors down here too!! The doctor looked in Danny's ears and his tube is still in his right ear...that means his drum didn't blow, it was just doing it's job and draining, but you knew that already Dr K, heehee. YIPPEE!! The doctor gave me another cream to try for lil man's is NOT GOOD! Not at all, it is so red it's almost purple and is now starting to blister and break open. That has GOT to hurt. I just want to put on ice pack on his bum in hopes it will make it feel better. I got ahold of the Pulm doc in Wisconsin so now they are up to speed with Danny. The nurse was going to let his doctor know what has been going on and possibly call his Ped down here with some words of wisdom. How awesome.... states away and they still take care of work with the doctors down here, again what an AWESOME team of doctors Danny has. It makes my work alot easier when everyone plays together nicely, LOL

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