Sunday, March 22, 2009

So Smart

Ok this is what I get to deal with on a daily basis.....what a smart cookie. Avrianna was very interested in the charting of Danny raising his hand for answers. So she comes back at me, after I told her what I was doing......"Mom, how do you know what his answers might not check him because he didn't raise his arm, but the answer may be no to him and you just "think" it should be yes." Spoken from a true six year old....and you know what, she's right!! Way to go Avrianna you are more my teacher. So after thinking about her statement and how right she do I chart him if I DON'T REALLY KNOW.
Well here is my lil smarty pants playing with her good friend, Julia. Tomorrow they leave and it's going to be very sad. For everyone...Danny really likes her older brother. Danny has such a positive reaction when he comes and talks to him.
They were inseperable when they were together and they played so well!
Bye for now Schmidt family....see you again soon. Hope to get to your neck of the woods this summer.
Avrianna was practicing with the camera again...she takes pretty good pictures, Don't you think?

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