Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spoken without words

What a day! This morning, I do have to say, didn't look to promising for our planned outings this afternoon. But this afternoon went wonderful and I just want to BRAG! It's been so "iffy" with my posts so some good new is needed. Danny was off his machine's all day, YAHOO!! We took everything as baby steps but he wanted to go mountain climbing, lol.
First we went to Avrianna's gymnastic session. She did great! They upped her to the level 2 from level 1 in just this one session. Way to Go Avrianna! I watched in amazement with the things she was doing....Back bends then flipping her legs back over, climbed the rope all the way up (about 2 stories and of course I didn't have the camera), and not crying when she reopened a wound on her elbow (she got it last week trying to skip in flip flops holding her drink, yeap multi tasker). She even went back out after the office cleaned her up and put a bandage on it. She's so strong.....willed, physically, and emotionally. I signed her up for Gym Camp during Spring break in April for 7 days. She is going to have a blast, 6 hours a day hanging out at the gym and doing her own thing. Now that she doesn't have any restrictions during gymnastics, watch out!
From Avrianna's gymnastic we headed right over to Danny's Physical therapy at KIDspirit (if you are in SW Florida and looking for a great place to take your kids for therapy...KIDspirit is the place to be, they are AWESOME!). Danny was breathing great, but he went ahead in filling his pants as we were walking in the door. After changing him boy did he pull out all his stops. My jaw dropped!! Ms Becky put Danny on his belly and braced his arms underneath him then.............WOW..............he held his head up high, turned his head from side to side, engaged in conversation and did this ALL for just over 5 minutes. Yeap ALL by himself! I of course didn't have the camera so started clicking pictures on my phone (thinking I'll just go buy the cable to download them to my computer) but then another therapist had hers so we took some with her camera and I'm awaiting the email so I can post them here to share. I was amazed....he's NEVER done this before . Some of you may think....he only held his head up for 5 minutes, but this is a HUGE milestone for Danny. I do have proof, I will post them once I get them! Then he started communicated with Ms Becky...again a first for Danny to EVER do this. She was telling me of his sense of humor that she saw when she was with him at the hospital and then proceeded to show me some of it. She start chit chatting with him and then would ask "Danny do you want me to shut up"....he would raise his left arm up. Ok I'm thinking just luck...then she would ask it again, and yeap he would raise his arm. Ms Becky started asking some other yes no questions and he would raise his left arm up with the appropriate yes questions. Am I seeing this? If this is a cruel dream....DO NOT WAKE ME. I am on such a high! We can't wait to see how Danny does next session. I guess he REALLY likes Ms Becky, she's his inspiration. I was going to try it when we got home and video tape it, but he was so wiped out with not being on machines for the day, getting out of the house, taking a shower, and working his butt off trying to impress Ms Becky he was out like a light tonight. I don't think he eyes were open when he hit the pillow. But you can bet on it.....we'll be trying it again and with the camera/video again.
It's with a heavy heart to report that one of our Caring Bridge kid followers was granted her wings today...with more respiratory issues. Please take some time to stop by their website You will be missed Melaina, thanks for allow us to follow your story and be apart of your journey's.

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