Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Update

Another appropriate day for this picture! Well the Pulm doctor was in and he was very nice. He had the time to sit down and talk about ALL Danny's issues. He did comment that the xrays definitely show signs of infection, sigh. His cheeks are fire red now...they say that is from the strong steroids. He looks like he's been out on the beach too long, LOL. The doctor assessed Danny and said his lungs are crackling and wheezing, that doesn't sound too good.
Danny also got a visit from two therapy dogs today...he was SO into that. The Pomeranian they put in bed with him, it was too cute, and they had another dog that was bigger (I can't remember the breed, but about Bailey size) and it looked like a long haired Dalmatian. How appropriate, Danny LOVES dalmatians. Her name was Dottie and boy is she a mild mannered dog. She put her paws up on the bed and laid her head down right on Danny's chest. How sweet!
Ms Becky (Danny's PT) stopped by to say HI and see Danny. We have had to cancel ALL of our appointments with her since we've been here because of illness. So instead of us going to her she came to us....and Danny thought he was free, NOT. Thanks for stopping by Ms Becky it was nice to see you and chat. You start to go stir crazy in these lil rooms. Danny even enjoyed visiting with her...she even got a smile....what a flirt, lol. He is just trying to sweeten her up for when he does FINALLY get to have her stretch him out.
We MISS YOU TOO sweetie....thanks for being such a good girl!
Two disappointments today...first when Avrianna came to visit I was immediately told that other children are not allowed in ICU, not even the siblings. So she was pretty upset she couldn't stay....and so was I. I hope we are out of here soon. Avrianna has been such a trooper through all this. I promised her when Danny and I broke out of here....I would take her mini golfing and to go get an ice cream treat. I felt terrible that I couldn't have her stay!
Then second they started another antibiotic on Danny so that will make three that he is on IV and two orals, not to mention a total different one he was on last week. That is the best cocktail for C Diff which Danny is prone to get. If he should get this nasty bug then he goes into isolation and an extended stay for about 10 more days to kill the bug he got from them putting him on antibiotics. I will be one unhappy Momma if that happens! I told the nurse to inform the docs and staff if he does get it, Avrianna WILL be here with us. This SUCKS!!

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