Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Glad to be home?

How wonderful to sleep in my own bed!! But it's alil bitter sweet being home, as most of all know. This morning I think everything really is swarming with emotions. I went to bed last night on E, totally EXHAUSTED so I left dishes in the sink and lil piles of things to put away all over. For those of you that know me that NEVER happens, so now I'm alil overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done (cuz it is all staring me in the face!) on top of Danny's cares and Avrianna's schooling/entertaining. I left some windows open while I was gone and now there is black gritty film over everything, wonderful. So looks like I am washing floors, dusting, and doing just an over all good cleaning (again, sigh). I need to get the laundry done too.
Here's lil man this morning after meds, breathing treatments and Mr Jiggles. He held his own being off EVERYTHING for about an hour but I needed to put him back on the bipap...then I needed to add O2. I don't get it, he did GREAT for 2 days in the hospital and then the night we are to leave, WHAM! I don't know, but this is going on 3 weeks, 2 ER visits, and 6 days in ICU and he still hasn't turned the corner yet to the point I know it's over with.....I"m frustrated cuz I know we could be right back to the hospital at any moment! He's better but again teetering on going south. I am going to soak him in the tub this morning, dress him in his St Patricks outfit (I'll post pics later), and hope for the best.

Here's Avrianna sleeping in and in my bed. I know she is frustrated too, cuz she wants life to be normal, but......Be Careful for what you Wish for. Even though we are home we can't leave the house...not even to sit by the pool. Avrianna asked this morning if she could walk over and visit Grandma/pa today, looks like she did have a nice time there. So sorry Ms Becky NO therapy yet! Danny needs his machines still and they are not portable so we are stuck inside. I do believe I will be returning to WI with NO tan, sigh. Avrianna on the other hand she looks like a beach baby. Ok need to get going too much to do and I'm already overwhelmed. I just need to get into that "Just out of the hospital routine". It's.......... 9:11 am, what's up with that!! I'm so sick of looking at a clock and seeing 9:11 all the time....telling me something?

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