Monday, December 1, 2008

Slow Day

Welcome December!
Well not too much to report today. This morning the Speech Therapist called to let me know she came in contact with someone that has a bacteria virus this weekend so she wondered if I wanted her to still come out. So therapy didn't happen this morning.....I am so not taking a chance of either kid catching something. She did stop by to pick up a toy she needed but I didn't let her into the condo. We had another laid back day today. YAY!! After schooling and lunch we went for a walk to deliver our last Christmas cards and cookies to some people in our community. The walk was so nice as we got to see all the holiday decorations around here. Then Avrianna had a great idea......"let's go swimming".....So we did. I figure we'd better take advantage of pool days as they are dwindling fast. We are going to leave the sunny state Florida on Friday to head back to snow, cold, and winter in Wisconsin.....YUCK! Dan said he had to snow blow today, wow. If surgery wasn't happening I so would have REALLY thought of spending Christmas here in Florida.
Danny hasn't been peeing on his own today so I have had to cath him ALOT. Unfortunately he has had some unknown issues with's white and flaky. I've cath'ed alot of this sediment out....not too sure what's happening with that.
Tomorrow I have to take Danny to PT and then I'm taking the van to the airport so Dan has something to drive when he gets here. Well that's about it! Yeap not too much, but I like that :)
**Please send me your picture and message for Danny to me if you'd like to participate in his Christmas scrapbook. Take care

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