Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Daddy's on his Way!!

Well Dan should be here tonight around 12:30. He is in the air and on his way! Avrianna is SOOO excited and I'm sure Danny can't wait till he can see is Dad again too. Avrianna was going to try to stay up to see her Daddy walk in the door but she didn't make it. Tomorrow morning will be full of excitement around here let me tell you. Once the commotion settles down we are all going on a train ride. I've never been on a passenger train before so it should be fun....I hope. The ride is about 2 hours long and they have the holiday theme going on.....it called the "Jingle Bell Express". I believe they are going to have a reading of The Polar Express, snacks, and some arts and crafts so it should be a great time. The kids are going to miss out on some of the Christmas things that we usually do in Wisconsin so I thought this would be nice second. We'll see!
After the train ride...I am taking Danny to his last physical therapy session at Kidspirit with Ms Becky....so sad. But not for long, don't worry we'll be back Ms Becky!! Danny was very cooperative today for Ms Becky and he even kept his eyes open for her the whole session this time, YAY!!
I gave Danny a hair cut today so he is all clean and cut. YAY! He still continued to NOT pee today (AT ALL) so I am hoping he will kick start again soon. I HATE to cath my poor lil guy every 3-4 hours all day long, sigh. It makes both of our days longer then it has to be.
Dan is bringing back the camera so I hope to get some new pictures from our train ride on here. I will update tomorrow. Take care
*** Don't forget to send your pictures and messages for Danny's Christmas scrapbook. Send them to my email or email me and I can get you my address. Thanks ***

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