Friday, December 12, 2008

Children update

10:45 the surgeon just came out for Avrianna and the Spleen is OUT (it was the size of the surgeons fist so it was definitely enlarged). They are repositioning her for the gall bladder removal now so in about another hour she should be going to recovery. She has NOT needed any blood transfusions as of yet, YAY!
I had a falling out the the admin dept as I got the song and dance that they are TOO full to put the kids together and they are looking at putting them on different floors even...I asked how in the HELL can I be in 2 places at the same time and that I don't trust the nursing staff here to leave one of children unattended. I asked her if that was acceptable if this was her children. I told her if they can not get them together look at transferring them to a hospital that WILL. She is getting back to me!
Danny has been doing well and is stable. They were even able to draw enough blood for the endocrine guys (to get results for the early puberty thing). They may need to do a blood transfusion with him as they had to take alot of blood for the endo testing. I'm not sure yet if he required a cast or brace but was told her should be done within the hour too so I will let you know. Anesthesia has been well with Danny this last surgery, YAY!!

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