Monday, December 15, 2008

Set Backs

Today Avrianna was discharged, Yay! I have a few prescriptions that need to be filled for her but other then that she is good to go. Her tummy is still soar but she is now getting around all by herself. I need to give her a shower and get her out of her hospital gown yet, but Dan had to boogie out to a meeting her in Milwaukee so we are all chilln out in Danny's room watching Wall-E. They were able to find a TV/DVD player on this floor, YAY! It is very cozy in here as I have all the stuff down here from her room, the wheelchair, all of Danny's things in here, and don't forget an additional tv now. But we are having fun, LOL!
Danny was in some significant pain last night but they just increased his pain meds. This morning was very mind boggling around here. As Dan needed to leave Avrianna was discharged and new news came on Danny. He testes positive for a staf infection, UGH, he has a UTI! So they are going pull his foley catheter and straight cath him now every 4 hours. His lil "boys" are still NOT so lil....they are HUGE and purple, poor thing that has got to be uncomfortable. They scheduled him to go in for a PIC line this afternoon so the antibiotic has a better access point. I'm not sure how long the stay for this is going to be but I know the antibiotic treatment is any where from 5-10days, this doesn't mean he needs to stay in the hospital for the treatment but if his cultures do not get better in a couple days then we will need to stay longer. This will definately be a challange now that one is in and the other is discharged. We'll see what Avrianna wants to do. Some of the blood work came back today that did indeed show he is in puberty, AGH!! What next.....I'm afraid to ask. They don't know if he is in early to mid stages yet until all the blood work is in but they wanted to let me know that he is. I haven't gotten a chance to talk with Hemo yet about the new issues with Danny bleeding but they are scheduled to come in some time today. I believe they are not going to start talking about disshcarge until Hemo comes in as his bleeding issues NEED to be addressed. I will let you all know later what they came up with.

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