Friday, December 12, 2008

Day is Over

Well today has been a roller coaster ride. I am so glad this part of our journey is over and the new road has begun.
Avrianna is doing well...Dan is primarily with her on the 5th floor (her room # is 551) She has had some tummy discomfort but mostly with the gas that they had to blow up her belly with (as her procedure was laproscopically done) and getting rid of the excess gas is causing issues with her. She has 6 very small incision on her belly, a Foley catheter, and 2 IV's. She is having the feeling that she needs to pee but they are thinking it is more of her feeling the balloon holding the catheter in. She is using a morphine pump to manage her own pain control. They are looking into giving her more of a constant pain control med as she is up and down alot. She did have to throw up once but I'm sure that is more from the anesthesia then anything.
Danny is having alot of pain we have had him snowed pretty much all day. He has three IV's in, Foley catheter, and a very large erector set for pants, LOL. He looks great though! Both kids do! I am mostly with Danny on the 4th floor (room #448) but then run up and down the stair in between Danny's naps. They just repositioned him off of his butt alil so no bed soars show up. His brace is white and purple so Avrianna will be excited to see that when she gets to finally see her brother. I am hoping that they will be able to get the kids together in a room tomorrow but with all the kids around here I am not to sure about it, sigh. This is very difficult for me, but I understand that it could be worse. At least the surgeries went as well as I could hoped them to go! I did have my lil mid life crisis and at one point had 3 dept heads in Danny's room to express my disappointment with the arrangements and the lack of communication once again with the hospital. Yes, I am very ANAL when it comes with the care of my children!!
Well I need to crash for alil while. I will post tomorrow and I will try to take some shots of the patients for you all to see :) Thanks again for your support and your encouragement!!
There is still time so forward your pictures and messages to Danny for his Touched by Danny's Life scrapbook for Christmas!

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Angoraknitter said...

Do they have them on different floors because of the different types of surgeries? Danny's being ortho like...and Avvianna's being more GI? The nurses on the various floors might be more atuned to their specialties, perhaps? Just wondering, sometimes they don't always do a good enough job explaining their rational for why they do the things they do.