Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Routines

OMG ~ Where does the day go? I am feeling alil overwhelmed with the new routines around here. I know once I get a better grip of getting things together I will get better at this. Well here is goes.... Avrianna gets her penicillin twice a day which is a feet all in its own, LOL, and her "normal"daily things ie:food, school,& play. Then my lil man he gets 2 meds 3x a day, one med 4x a day, 6 meds once a day, 2 meds 2x a day, Mr. Jiggles 3x a day (on an empty stomach), feeds every 1.5 hours, reposition every 2 hours, change diaper more often so pads don't get wet and me being able to taking a potty break once in awhile. I'm always doing something to lil man right now so I'm hoping I can get a better system in play SOON. His new antibiotic isn't sitting well in his tummy so I can't leave his side as he is wretching alot and I'm afraid of him aspirating. We are doing Mr. Jiggles more often for that reason and also because with him laying down for so long things are prone to settle in the lungs, with this brace on which is tight around his lung area so he can't take in deep breaths. This is just a recipe for pneumonia, I am so afraid!! For those of you who think I don't work....let me tell you this is the HARDEST job I've ever done in my life....I can only dream of 2 - 15minute breaks and a lunch hour through out the day, LOL. Today Dan went back to working on his things (he had some people schedule their vehicles to be repaired on and he has some meetings for a new property endeavor we are doing) as he was able to postpone his things to sit up at the hospital with us, which was a god sent as I don't know what I would have done with kids being on different floors. My piles are not getting touched but feel the need to have some "mommy" time and unwind on here. I so don't know what I would do if I didn't have this outlet, you my blog family mean so much to me. I can vent here and then go on with my day. Thanks for listening!! Here are some of my kiddos wathcing do you like the Christmas tree next to Danny's bed in the living room. A BIG THANK YOU to Avrianna and my aunt Bonnie who decorated my tree while I was up in the hospital with Danny as I don't think I'm going to have time to do anything before Christmas. I am so glad I got my shopping and wrapping done weeks ago!!! FYI ~ I have 5+ cases of Promote w/Fiber that we will not be using as they changed Danny's formula so if you or know any one that using this brand's yours! Just let me know or I will give it to Danny's Pediatrician to see if he can use them as samples. Go figure I just get the order filled and they change it, ugh! Well need to go lil man is crying, yeap, still having pain issues too. Take care!

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Anonymous said...

It will take a little while, but you will get a new routine down. It always takes us a little while to settle in when something changes, and you've had a lot of them! Glad everyone is home and doing pretty well. I'll call you when you've had a chance to catch your breath!