Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have Snow will Shovel ~ 3rd Post

FYI~I deleted the last post of his incisions! Sorry to anyone that I grossed out but that was the only convenient way Dr K could "see" what I was telling him over the phone. Our concern is that the one incision is lifting and separating too much which may cause infection and other issues. Dr. Kasper said it looked OK right now but we need to keep a close eye on it! Sorry again

Avrianna was working so hard to help her Daddy! She wanted to go outside so bad today, so I figured I would let her go out for awhile...she ended up staying out for over an hour and she had a blast.
Two peas in a pod!!

The snow banks are getting so tall you just about lose Avrianna!

Look he CAN hold onto something when HE wants too.....Yeap I'm training him well....he is holding Dan's wine glass. He just needed an incentive!! As you can see Danny and I are not snow people in this family we don't go out in it unless we HAVE to.Just thought this picture turned out neet!! :)We had a nice quiet dinner at home with just us four and Avrianna can't wait to fall asleep so she can wake up early!

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