Monday, December 29, 2008

Lines are Back UP

With the wonderful winterland we are having for weather around here my phone line was down and then went my DSL, sigh....So two days later I am back up and running, YAY! It gave me some time to get the new laptop I got up and running though. Dan and I didn't really do any presents for ourselves this year with the new house we decided that we didn't need anything. But after the holiday there was a great sale going on around here and we decided that we wanted to upgrade a few of our things so we got a new laptop and a digital camera. I am hoping that I figure out the camera and can get some video's of the kids on here soon. That was one of my requests that the camera can also take videos with sound. I can't wait to show off lil man's voice. He can be stingy with it so I'm hoping I can get it!! I sense a challenge here, LOL.
Avrianna is doing well, but she continues to OVER DUE it during the day and wakes up in the middle of the night with tummy pains. So I need to get her to settle down more, but with her having MORE energy now since the surgery it is becoming NOT an easy task. She has a follow up with the surgeon on the 9th and he is coming here to the Valley so I don't have to drive down to Milwaukee for a 5 min appt.
Danny is doing better with his pain so I think he is on the right side of the road to recovery. He continues to want to keep his wounds "dirty or wet" so he's been keeping me busy. Knock on wood here but no infections and the sites are looking better and better every day. Now the hardest part of this is not being able to hold's tearing me apart.
Today I went out for some errands (without kids) and it was a nice break away. I was able to go out and about at my own leisure. I even got a chance to run out the new house site and we have WALLS, Yay! I was excited to see that...with the crappy weather I had thought it would be slow moving.
Front entry

Bedrooms Avrianna to the left, Master in the middle, Master bath, and Danny's far rightRear of house and Guest Bedroom (to left)Looking at rear of house from the South

Take care!!


Jamie Bork said...

How exciting to see your dream house coming to life! Hope it continues in the new year.

boozes said...

Thank you for posting on our web-site, and checking Suzy out.
I have been visiting your site, and I am simply amazed at you strenth. I thought I had it rough dealing with Suzy, but you are doing an amazing job with 2 children who have special needs. I can tell that I will learn a lot from you. I admire you already. You are beautiful, and you seem to be happy. I will be checking in regularly to gain some motivation.
Emil me whenever you have any time - (

Hugs to my new friend,
Whitney Booze