Sunday, December 14, 2008

Night of Hell

Last night was very EVENTFUL!! Avrianna is doing GREAT...she was up twice through the evening and walked to the bathroom. Today I got her up, changed her bedding, gave her a sponge bath, washed her hair, brushed her teeth, she walked to the door and back twice. I just ordered her lunch so she is resting now, I'll get her to eat some soup and jello (yum, LOL) and get her to walk down the hallway. She is soooo NOT going to like me for that, but I am using her brother as an incentive, LOL. I am hoping I can get her to see her brother tonight or tomorrow morning. She really misses him and he is having some issues so when I talk to her about it all she does is cry and wants to make sure he is OK.
Now to lil man. Yesterday went very well......until the blood transfusion. About a half an hour after the transfusion instead of urine, blood started coming out of his catheter. I am FREAKING OUT!! Then the catheter clogged from a clot so they needed to pull the old one out and put another one in. Is Hemo count has gone down again so they have another unit of blood on hold for possibly later today. They needed to give him platlets too late last night as his clotting factor was not getting any better. They attempted blood draws again in the middle of the night which was successful after a couple attempts. One of the unsuccessful draw sites from last night started oozing this morning...again FREAKING OUT! Kind of weird how no blood last night and now oozing from a lil hole this morning, so obviously he is still having bleeding issues. He also continues to have blood output from his catheter. The ortho guys came in to change his bandages for the first time and there is some excessive bleeding but nothing to be concerned about (YET). They are scheduling Danny for a PIC line later today or tomorrow so this constant poking can STOP for alil while. My poor lil man! He has been such a trooper with all of this. He is doing much better then I am that is for sure! Stress out is a minor statement!!
Avrianna is so VERY disappointed that she isn't able to see her brother and that she isn't able to watch her movies. Of course now my computer isn't playing movies and they are not able to find a DVD player on the floor. The TWO things I promised her she could do and NOPE not happening. What a mother, hu? She is very emotional today and her tummy is pretty soar, but they took away the IV pain meds and she hates the oral stuff so she will wait till the last moment before asking for it, ugh.
The camera is still in the van and I haven't had time to run out to get it, but when I do I will take some pictures of our lil angels and show off their war wounds, LOL. Take care!

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